Remarks at Montague, California

May 20, 1903

My Friends and Fellow-Citizens:

It is a great pleasure to meet you this afternoon. I have enjoyed to the full my trip through California. I have come from the south through the State and now go out at the north. When the trip was made up I asked why it was necessary to give relatively four times as much time to California as to any other State. 1 understand now. [Applause] I only wish it had been possible to make it eight times as much instead. This morning I have been greatly impressed in traveling through these mountains and meeting the men who have done so much in lumbering, as I have already met the men of the mines, and ranches, of the commerce and industries of the great cities. This State is in boundaries and resources greater than many an Old World empire; and think what it is to be a citizen of a Union in which a commonwealth like this is a State. I have come from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the East through the West to beyond the west to California, for that stands by itself. [Applause] The thing that has impressed me more than anything else in addressing the different audiences is that a good American is a good American in whatever part of this country he lives. [Cheers and applause]

Theodore Roosevelt, Remarks at Montague, California Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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