Franklin D. Roosevelt

Remarks to Military Policemen at the President's Villa in Cairo, Egypt.

December 06, 1943

Boys, I want to say "howdy" to you.

We are in a very strange land. I have already seen about. three thousand of our boys in a more distant place than this—Teheran. Strictly speaking, to us—and I think to them too—it seems the end of the world. Here we are much nearer home, but even this seems too far from home. I think we all want to get back home. I know I do. I wish all of you could be going too, but we know you can't do it just yet.

My place here has been extremely well guarded, just as well as my place at Hyde Park. There is a place next door to my place up there where we have an M.P. school, and they look after us very well. On graduating, they are sent on to duty in distant parts of the world. When I get back home, I shall see them and tell them I saw you, and that you M.P.'s guarded me while I was in Cairo.

Most people back home, nearly all of them, are mighty proud of what our people are doing in every part of the world. They want the war over just as much as we do, and they want to make this the last one we will have to go through as long as we and our children live. That is our great objective- our great reasoning. This time when we clean out the enemy we are going to clean them out thoroughly, so that they can't start another war.

People back home, most of them, are working hard every day that goes by, doing better, doing more and more, producing the things that are necessary for us to win the war. I wish that I could get into this myself, play a more active part than is possible.

These conferences here, and up in Iran, have been very satisfactory-extremely so. Real accord has been reached. After all, the Russians, the British, the Chinese, and ourselves—collectively we represent and are fighting for nearly three-fourths of all the people in the world. That is something for us to realize. It means without doubt that even if we have to keep peace by force for a while, we are going to do it. But that does not mean that you are going to have to stay overseas all your lives.

It's good to see you.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Remarks to Military Policemen at the President's Villa in Cairo, Egypt. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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