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Remarks at a Luncheon Hosted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India in New Delhi

March 02, 2006

Mr. Prime Minister and Mrs. Kaur, thank you for your hospitality. Mr. Prime Minister, I'm sorry you brought up the Taj Mahal. I've been hearing about it from Laura ever since I told her that we weren't going. But we pledged if you invite us back to come back, we'd love to see the magnificent part of your country that we will be unable to see this trip.

This is an historic trip. It's a chance to continue to build on the progress we made in Washington, DC, progress being a relationship that is—that lasts beyond our time in office. It's a relationship that is based upon our common values, that every person matters, every person belongs, and everybody should be able to worship as freely as they want to, the common values of recognizing the right to people to express themselves in a peaceful way.

Our relationship is one that's important for peace and prosperity in this world. It's important that we continue to work together to battle the terrorists, to give them no quarter, and to never yield. Terrorism has no place in democracy, and terrorism must be defeated for our children and grandchildren to be able to live in a peaceful world.

Our relationship is one based upon our belief that free and fair trade is in the interests of our people; that when trade moves freely and fairly, that people in our respective countries will be able to find good work and good jobs and improve their standard of living. I believe India has got a really important role to play in showing parts of the world what is possible when it comes to having people live side by side in peace. India is such a wonderful example of pluralism, of religious freedom, of human rights. This relationship of ours is a vital relationship; it's a strategic partnership.

And so Mr. Prime Minister, thank you very much for our dialogs and our work together. Thank you for your hospitality. I want to thank the leaders who are here with us today for taking time out of your busy schedules to welcome Laura and me and our delegation.

And so I too would like to propose a toast, a toast to the Prime Minister, his wife, and to the people of India.

NOTE: The President spoke at 1:39 p.m. in the Taj Palace. In his remarks, he referred to Kaur Gursharan, wife of Prime Minister Singh. The transcript released by the Office of the Press Secretary also included the remarks of Prime Minister Singh.

George W. Bush, Remarks at a Luncheon Hosted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India in New Delhi Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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