Photo of Donald Trump

Remarks at a "Keep America Great" Rally in Wildwood, New Jersey

January 28, 2020

The President. Thank you.

Crowd. [chanting] USA! USA! USA! USA!

The President. I love New Jersey and I'm thrilled to be back right here in the Garden State. [cheers and applause] Thank you. The Garden State.

Together we're achieving historic victories for New Jersey families. You see it every single day. The New Jersey unemployment rate has reached the lowest of all time. [cheers and applause] More people are working today in the state of New Jersey than ever before. [cheers and applause] And I have to tell you, more people, almost 160 million, are working right now in the United States. That's the highest level of employment in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] And a lot of countries aren't doing so well, just so you understand.

Tomorrow we will replace the NAFTA nightmare, one of the worst trade deals ever in history—[cheers and applause]—with the incredible brand-new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the USMCA. A massive win for New Jersey workers, New Jersey farmers, New Jersey union people, New Jersey manufacturers, and everybody. [cheers and applause]

And weeks ago, we also signed a fantastic new trade agreement with China that will boost New Jersey exports and defend New Jersey jobs. Two hundred and fifty billion dollars coming in, oh, that's gonna be so nice. [cheers and applause] And we're restoring America's industrial might like never before. They're all coming back. They wanna be where the action is. [cheers and applause]

After years of devastating defense cuts we have fully rebuilt the United States military. [cheers and applause]

Crowd. [chanting] USA! USA! USA! USA!

The President. And thanks to the incredible courage of our warriors, the greatest warriors in the world, the ISIS caliphate has been totally destroyed and its savage founder, and leader, al-Baghdadi, is dead. [cheers and applause]

Crowd. [chanting] USA! USA! USA! USA!

The President. Weeks ago, at my direction, the US military launched a flawless precision strike that killed the world's number one terrorist Qasem Soleimani. [cheers and applause] And Soleimani was responsible for murdering and wounding thousands of Americans, and actively planning new attacks, but we stopped him cold. [cheers and applause] Yet Washington Democrats, like Crazy Bernie Sanders and Nervous Nancy Pelosi—[booing]—they opposed our action to save American lives. They oppose it. They oppose it. You know the roadside bombs that you see hurting our people and lots of other people so badly? The legs, the arms, wiped out. No legs, no arms. Soleimani loved that. That was his weapon of choice. We didn't like him. He's not around anymore. [cheers and applause]

While we are creating jobs and killing terrorists the Congressional Democrats are obsessed with demented hoaxes, crazy witch hunts, and deranged partisan crusades. [booing] It's all they know how to do. The do-nothing Democrats. They have spent the last three years, and probably even before I came down on that beautiful escalator with our beautiful future First Lady—[cheers and applause]—trying to overthrow the last election. And we will make sure that they face another crushing defeat in the next election. We are going to have a victory that's even greater than 2016. [cheers and applause] This November we are going to win back the House, we are going to hold the Senate, and we are going to keep the White House. [cheers and applause]

Crowd. [chanting] Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

The President. The American people are disgusted by the Washington Democrat witch ... And you see it. You see it. Which is worse, the impeachment hoax or the witch hunts from Russia? [shouting] But we're gonna be signing up millions and millions of registered Independents, Democrat voters. And today I had the best polls that I've ever had since being elected. [cheers and applause] The best we've ever had. Remember I used to go over polls? But I only used to talk about them when I was doing well otherwise I wouldn't. We had our best polls.

Americans of all political beliefs are sick and tired of the radical rage-filled left socialists. I never saw anything ... What's going on in this country ... What's going on in this country, really the Democrat party is the Socialist party and maybe worse. Voters are making a mass exodus from that party and we are welcoming them to the Republican party with wide open arms. [cheers and applause] And the Republican party is doing great.

We are privileged to be joined tonight by a courageous leader who left the Democrat party because he has had enough of their extremism, enough of their socialism, and enough of their vile hoaxes and scams. He's had enough. I'll tell you he really is, he's a brave guy. He just said, "I'm not doing it. I'm not doing it. It's a hoax, it's a scam, I'm not doing it." And we called him, "You're our kind of guy. Let's go." And it didn't take much because he believes like we do. We are truly honored to be here with the newest Republican member of the House of Representatives, your great congressman, Jeff Van Drew. [cheers and applause] And I have to tell you, a few weeks ago Jeff was one of the few brave and principled Democrat lawmakers, in all fairness we've been after him for a long time—[laughter]—who stood up to the House Democrats and the outrageous abuse of power that you see going on right now. They can't win an election so they're trying to steal an election. It's not happening folks. It's not happening. [cheers and applause] And Jeff had the guts to defy the left-wing fanatics in his own party, and to stand tall in defense of our Constitution, our freedom, and democracy itself. And I just want to ... I have to tell you, I've gotten to know him really well over the last couple of weeks. He's a great guy, he's a brave guy, he shares our values. He supports lower taxes, not bad. They wanna raise your taxes.

How did that work Jeff? How did you get elected with that one? Less regulation, a strong national defense. He loves our military, loves our vets, and police. And he is a tireless champion for the state of New Jersey. He loves your Second Amendment, which is under siege by the Democrats. [cheers and applause] Jeff, it's an honor to be with you. Please, please. Thank you. Thank you, man.

Crowd. [chanting] Jeff Van Drew! Jeff Van Drew!

Representative Jeff Van Drew. How about having the president right here in South Jersey? What a great day! [cheers and applause]

Now I heard that the folks in this room can make more noise and more applause than anywhere in the world, so we're gonna do one more time for this man right here. [cheers and applause]

For you. Now when I was in the White House with the president, he asked how he could help me. I asked if he could come down to South Jersey and have a rally. Without even hesitating, our president said yes and he is here. A man who kept his word to ensure—[cheers and applause]—to ensure that the eyes of the world are on South Jersey and all of us. [cheers and applause]

The USA is a great nation. The greatest nation that civilization has ever known. Do we wanna keep it that way?

Crowd. Yeah!

Van Drew. It's a nation, a nation and a people of great exceptionalism. Do we wanna keep it that way?

Crowd. Yeah!

Van Drew. Our president has made it clear, by restoring our military, protecting our economy, and by not allowing any other nation to ever take advantage of us again. Do we wanna keep it that way?

Crowd. Yeah!

Van Drew. This year, this year, this very year, is a flashpoint election. Are we going to allow ourselves just to be like any other nation in the world or are we going to keep America great?

Crowd. Yeah!

Van Drew. I say to all of you, may God bless South Jersey, may God bless our president, and may God bless the United States of America.

Crowd. [chanting] USA! USA! USA! USA!

The President. So, we have tens of thousands of people outside. If anybody would like to give them your place please let us know, but we have thousands and thousands. Tens of thousands. And Jeff gave me a number, he said, 175,000 people signed up. Is that a fact?

Van Drew. That's a fact.

The President. 175? I think he's on his way. I think he's on his way. Thank you Jeff, great job. Thank you, Jeff. [cheers and applause] Thank you Jeff.

So it's been a little bit of a story. You see the fakers back there? Fake news. [booing] Fake. You know ... You know, if another candidate ... If another candidate has 1,000 people they say he spoke to a massive crowd. If they have 10,000, like Pocahontas went into Central Park in New York. [laughter] These young men could have 10,000 people, you know that, in Central Park. So, she had 10,000 people like in Central Park. I said, "What's the big deal?" They made it, "Oh the crowds are so large." So Jeff just told you he had 175,000 people sign up. [cheers and applause] And seriously you have to see outside. They know because they have to follow, they're trailers. I call them trailers. But they're fake. They're fake. They're not honest.

Let me just tell you, so here's the story—[booing]—so we have these massive crowds that fill up stadiums every single time. We have tens of thousands of people outside. They never mention it. They never mention it, so maybe they will tonight. But that's an all-time record. And this is not a brand-new place and unfortunately it holds 10,000 people or less. And we set the all-time record. You know why? Because for games ... See the floor packed with people? For games you're playing ice hockey or basketball, so we broke the all-time record in this house. And it's a wonderful house in a wonderful community. [cheers and applause]

Also in Wildwood, like, we're in the middle of winter. There is nobody in the middle of winter and it's a great place in the summer. And those streets are packed all the way back to the airplane practically. [cheers and applause] But on June 2nd everybody has to do us all a favor. Number one, you have to get out and vote Republican. Get rid of these clowns. [cheers and applause] And you have to get out and vote for really a brave man. What he did was incredible. Jeff Van Drew, what he did was incredible. Get out and vote. Gonna have a big victory. He's gonna have a big victory.

And we're grateful to have with us this evening some wonderful friends of mine, people that I've known forever, your former governor who did a terrific job, Chris Christie. [cheers and applause] Chris. Great Chris, great job. Your wonderful Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt, what a job he's doing. [cheers and applause] Thank you Doug. Thank you, Doug.

My campaign's two great New Jersey co-chairs and I think we'll play for the state ... You know they all say Republicans can't win. Tell me why? They said, "Should you move this to the Meadowlands?" I said, "No, I wanna be in South Jersey. We wanna be with our friends." [cheers and applause] But we could have filled up the Meadowlands arena two or three times. Maybe we'll do it during the summer. Should we do it during the summer?

Crowd. Yeah!

The President. Maybe. But two brave guys, two great politicians. People that love our state. State Senators Mike Testa and Joe Pennacchio. Joe Pennacchio. [cheers and applause] Thank you Joe. Thank you. Thank you. And two incredible New Jersey natives, you've never heard of Kellyanne Conway have you? [cheers and applause] And Bill Stepien. [cheers and applause] Say something.

Kellyanne Conway. And I love you back. Mr. President, I think South Jersey is Trump country. [cheers and applause] Mr. President, thank you for all you've done to add respect and resources to our military, to our great veterans. Having the best economy in the world. Two new trade deals. Two Supreme Court justices. Two dead terrorists. That's two terms. [cheers and applause]

South Jersey's my home. Donald Trump's my president. Melania Trump's my First Lady. Life is great, everyone. God bless you. [cheers and applause]

The President. Thank you Kellyanne.

So I just wanna thank Republicans because what they've been doing is incredible. Republican leadership in this country, we're winning, winning, winning like never before. We're winning again and we've got a party that's a very different party, a much stronger party, a much more inclusive party. We have a party that we love. We have a party that has the votes. We have a party like they've never had before. The Republican party respected again. [cheers and applause]

And I have to say this, America is winning again and America is thriving again like never before. [cheers and applause] So, since the election we have created seven million new jobs. The average unemployment rate under my administration is lower than any previous administration, listen to this one, in United States history. [cheers and applause] That's a good fact, the lowest in history.

Crowd. [chanting] Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

The President. Thank you man. We have a great veteran up here and he said, "We love you. We love you." The veterans. Are we doing good for the veterans? Thank you. [cheers and applause]

African-American, Hispanic-American, and Asian-American unemployment rates have reached the lowest levels ever recorded in the history of our country. Ever recorded! [cheers and applause] Women's unemployment is at a 65-year low. Sorry about that. Soon it's gonna be historic. Another couple of good months it'll be historic. Sixty-five years for women.

In the eight years before I took office over 300,000 working-age people left the workforce. They had no choice. In just three years of my administration 3.5 million people have joined the workforce. Nobody believes it, including the fake news. [cheers and applause] If I would have said that during the campaign, that we were gonna produce numbers like this, the fake news would have been hitting me. He's exaggerating. He's lying, Pinocchio, Pinocchio. [booing] The press is very dishonest. More than two million millennials have gotten jobs and their wages have grown by nearly 5% every year, which is a record. A record number of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 are now working, another record. Under the Trump economy, the lowest paid earners are reaping the fastest gains of anybody. You don't hear that because this is a blue-collar boom. [cheers and applause]

It's very nice. It's about time. It's about time. It's been many, many decades. Earnings for the bottom 10% are rising faster than earnings for the top 10%, first time ever. Since my election, the net worth of the bottom half of wage earners has increased, listen to this, by 47%, three times faster than the increase for the top 1%. [cheers and applause] Median household income is at an all-time high. For President Bush, in eight years, it was 450 dollars, over eight years. Think of this for a second. Under President Barack Hussein Obama, for—[booing]—for eight years, it was 975 dollars, so eight years, eight years, 450, 975, right? Under your favorite President—[cheers and applause]—and when you include the tax cuts, the regulation cuts that nobody's ever cut taxes like this. Nobody's ever cut regulations. That's why all these jobs are being built. Under President Trump, for three years, the number is almost 10,000 dollars, and that's three years, and it's going up. It's going up very substantial. That's a big difference.

New business applications in New Jersey have just soared to a record high—[cheers and applause]—and we have lifted 10 million people nationwide off federal welfare. They're off. They are off federal welfare. Nobody would've believed these numbers. Someday they're going to write the true story. Our child tax credit alone is delivering 2,200 dollars a year to 40 million American families. And we have ended, so importantly for you, the war on American energy. The United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world. [cheers and applause] We don't need anybody else's energy anymore. It's so nice. What happened in the last three years with energy is incredible, but extreme liberals in Washington want to shut down U.S. energy, including through the so-called Green New Deal. [booing]

Close your factories. Get rid of your cows. You don't have too many cows in Wildwood, but if you do, they're gone. [laughter] We will never sacrifice America's energy independence. Took us a long time to get there, and we really picked it up over the last three years. What we've done is incredible, pipelines all over. Pipelines are good. They're underground, they're good, environmentally sound. To lift up forgotten communities that need investment the most. These are the communities that really have suffered. We created, with the help of a great gentleman from the state of South Carolina, you know who I'm talking about? Tim Scott, right? Senator Tim Scott, he's an incredible guy. He really is. He came to my office and he had this idea that he's wanted to do for a long time. Senator Tim Scott, opportunity zones, and jobs and investment are now pouring into nearly 170 newly designated opportunity zones right here in New Jersey, all over the United States. Billions and billions and billions of dollars, and not government dollars, they're flowing into the opportunities zones into areas where investment was dead. [cheers and applause]

And for decades, politicians ran for office promising to protect American workers, but then they went to Washington and they lined their pockets with special interest cash, and they shipped American jobs and dreams to other countries. They closed up your factories. They got rid of your jobs. They didn't have to pay taxes. Globalist politicians lowered our economic defenses and allowed other nations to rob our factories, steal our farms, and ransack our communities. Not anymore. [shouting] Not anymore, because we are defenseless no more, because long last you have a President who puts America first. Is that okay? [cheers and applause]

The United States' laws, listen to this number, and you know if it was wrong, the fake news would be, you know, all over me, and I've been saying it for three years. The United States lost 60,000 factories and plants. Think of that. You wouldn't think that's possible because of stupid trade deals, because of bad leadership. During the 16 years of the two prior administrations, under just three years, my administration has now added 12,000 new factories, and many more are being built and they're pouring back into the United States, because that's where the action is. That's where they wanna be. They are pouring back into our country. [cheers and applause] New plants and factories, you see them all over. I passed two of them coming in, brand new, beautiful plants and factories. They're pouring back in. This is where the action is. This is where they wanna be. I see the leaders, they say, "It's incredible what happened to your country." I said, "Don't tell me that. We want you to have your companies build plants in New Jersey and other places," and that's what's happening. [cheers and applause]

But on no issue have Washington Democrats thoroughly betrayed the American people than the issue of immigration. [shouting] Left-wing, radical politicians support deadly sanctuary cities—[booing]—and remember, a sanctuary city is a jurisdiction that refuses to hand over criminal aliens that are in local law enforcement custody. Instead, they order them to be released into your community. What the hell is going on? [booing] What is going on? And once set loose, these criminal aliens are free to continue their crime spree against innocent Americans. Right here in New Jersey, your state's Democrat leaders have instituted sanctuary policies that result in dangerous predators being set free into your community. [booing]

For example, Cumberland County, we all know Cumberland County very well, right? Good luck with this one. They released an illegal alien criminal with multiple charges for sexual assault of a child. He is now at large, free to search for another innocent victim. They didn't wanna give him to ICE, and I wanna thank ICE, because the abuse they take and the incredible job they do. [cheers and applause] Right here, another criminal alien was arrested for a violent assault in New Jersey. The sanctuary jurisdiction of Middlesex County defied the ICE request to detain him. Local authorities released him and he went on to commit a gruesome triple murder. Happens ... I could read these cases, honestly, I could read and state these cases to you all night. I could state these cases to you all night. No American should ever be hurt, harmed, or killed because left-wing politicians, Democrats, decided to shield and shelter ... Look, look, wait. You have criminals that are on the streets that should be in jail. You have criminals that on the street that should be taken the hell out of our country and brought back to where they came from. [cheers and applause] And by the way, ICE, ICE has removed thousands upon thousands of MS-13 gang members, the most brutal people. And you don't wanna do that job. Maybe you do, a couple of tough people up there. Anybody wanna be with ICE? You got a lot of tough people in New Jersey. New Jersey is different. I think New Jersey is different.

No, but these ICE people, they love our country. They're proud and they're tough people, and they'll go right into a pack, they call it a pack, and they start swinging. Everyone's swinging or they end up standing up. That's the end of that, and you know what they do? They bring the MS-13 and many other gang members and other members back to El Salvador, back to Honduras, back to Guatemala, back to Mexico. [shouting] And I wanna thank Mexico because you know what's happening, right? Thousands and thousands at this moment, 27,000 soldiers from Mexico, protecting our Southern border. [cheers and applause] I wanna thank the president.

Democrats stand for crime, corruption, and chaos. Republicans stand for law, order, and justice, and say what you want, but those are the facts. [cheers and applause] And we are removing these illegal criminals and gang members. We are literally taking them by so many, thousands and thousands, and we're bringing them back. And thanks to our tireless efforts of border patrol to secure our border, we have reduced illegal border crossings seven straight months in a row. We have the numbers down by 75% since spring, 75%. [cheers and applause]

Crowd. [chanting] Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!

The President. And we have ended catch and release, and really, look, I had another party. I could get anything. If I wanted to spend money on anything, look, with the military, we got two trillion dollars, right? More. Two trillion, all made in America, right? Everything. Best planes, best missiles, best everything, made in America. If I wanted to build anything, the only thing they put the whole weight of their party, they didn't want us to have the wall. They knew it worked. Many of them voted five years ago for a wall. They just didn't know how to get it built. I do. But what happened—[cheers and applause]—is through a series of court cases and other things, we won ... The money is won, and we are now building that beautiful wall, and this powerful border wall is going up at record speed and we just reached over 100 miles of wall, and by next year, we'll be over 400 miles, and shortly thereafter it will be complete. [cheers and applause]

A lot of people were saying a year ago, "He didn't build the wall yet. He didn't build the wall." Let me tell you. When you have the strength of a party that has the House, okay, hopefully they're not gonna have the House for long. We'll have a wonderful new Speaker, will get rid of Nancy Pelosi—[cheers and applause]—Nervous Nancy, Nervous Nancy. We'll have Kevin McCarthy who's been fantastic. We have to win back the House. But think of this. The wall, so many people were saying, "Build it." Well, it's not easy when you have the weight of an entire party and they control the House, not easy. And we did it and frankly we were building the wall through the help of the military, the Army Corps of Engineers anyway, but you know what? Now we actually have the money and it's going up very rapidly. [cheers and applause]

In all due respect to Mexico, we like Mexico very much, and we've gotten along great with Mexico, and the president's a friend of mine, and I think he's doing a fantastic job. It's a tough situation. But Mexico is in fact, you will soon find out, paying for the wall. Okay? [cheers and applause] You know, they'd hit you with that. Now the wall is ultimately and very nicely being paid for by Mexico, and it's an advantage for Mexico, too, when you think about it. The wall is a vital barrier for blocking deadly drugs from pouring into these communities. What we're doing is stopping drugs at a record number. It's still anything that comes over is too much, but we're blocking it at a record number.

And I'm also very proud to report that we won a critical Supreme Court victory yesterday on immigration. [cheers and applause] We will now be finally able to enforce federal law, and ensure that those seeking admission to our country are able to support themselves financially and not abuse taxpayer-funded programs. [cheers and applause] They were killing our country, killing our country. Washington Democrats have never been more extreme than they are right now. Frankly, they're crazy. These people are crazy. They're taking their cues from socialists like Bernie. Left-wing lawmakers are pushing a government takeover of healthcare that would strip 180 million Americans of their private healthcare plans, which many people like. [booing] The plans of every Democrat running for President would demolish the economy of New Jersey, where half a million new New Jersey workers are employed at some of the best and most innovative healthcare employment companies. We have them working at the companies, and we have people getting great healthcare. It's been so long. It's finally working and they wanna destroy it.

The Republican party will never let it happen. We are saving your healthcare while the Democrats are trying to take away your healthcare, take away your doctors, take away all of the good care that we fought, and we fought hard, and we're doing well and now we're doing better. And by the way, some time prior to the end of the year, we're putting in for a new middle income tax cut, a very big one. [cheers and applause] But we're making healthcare better and much, much cheaper. We've done a great job in running it and we've given you a lot of alternatives. We are protecting people with pre-existing conditions and we always will, the Republican party, pre-existing conditions, we saved it. We are stopping surprise medical billing and making everything transparent. That's a big deal—[cheers and applause]—and that will take effect starting in about two months from now. Everything's transparent. You'll be able to see pricing. You'll be able to go and price other hospitals, other doctors. It's gonna be an incredible thing. Nobody believes I was able to do it, but we did it. [cheers and applause]

We are defending your right to keep the doctor and the plan of your choice. We are lowering drug prices. The Democrats are increasing drug prices. We are fighting the lobbyists and special interests. We are serving you, and how are we doing? We're doing good, right? [cheers and applause] But because of price transparency, we are getting it done. We're approving more generic drugs than ever before in the history of our country. That means they come in, frankly, they're just as good as the big names, but they sell for 80% less in some cases. We are unleashing innovation to cure diseases of all kinds. We are cutting out the rich middlemen and delivering prescription drugs directly to the consumers. These are all things that we had to fight like hell to get. [cheers and applause]

We're making less paperwork for your doctors and giving you easy control of your medical records, which is a big deal for a lot of people. We are prohibiting hospitals from hiding their prices and charging hidden costs. You go home, you say, "Oh, I'm feeling better. The doctor was fantastic," and then they send you a bill for 25,000. That's the end of that. All of a sudden the doctor wasn't so good, right? We are making companies compete for your business. We are repealing burdensome taxes. We have accomplished more than any president in the first three years of their term—[cheers and applause]—by far, not even close. [cheers and applause]

We have provided health insurance options, 60% cheaper than Obamacare, and we have historic investments in treating kidney disease, HIV, pediatric cancer, and Alzheimer's disease. We're making so much progress. [cheers and applause] And we have just passed a thing that I think is great. I never understood. For 45 years, they've been trying to get it passed. We've just passed a thing called Right to Try. You know what that is? [cheers and applause] So, we have the greatest doctors, the greatest technicians, the greatest labs in the world, and we'll have a drug that's looking good, but it's gonna take five more years, and by the way, we've brought the timing way down from 12 years to half of that, but it takes years to get it approved. You have people that are terminally ill. If they have money, they go to Asia, they go to Europe, they go all over the world looking for help. If they don't have money, they go home and they die. And what we did is a thing called Right to Try.

People sign something and they don't hold the country responsible. They don't hold the drug company responsible. [cheers and applause] It's called Right to Try, and they get the newest, and the best, and the latest medicine where it's looking good, but you're not gonna have it for five more years, and you know why they didn't do it? Because they didn't wanna hurt anybody, except the problem is the people were going to die soon. I said, "They're terminally ill. Let them have it." We sat down with a great group of leaders, Republican leaders, and honestly, we had some bipartisan support, and we got it done. They've been tried to do it for 45 or so years. We got it done. [cheers and applause]

And you have to see the results, and I've seen some of the results. Some of the results are incredible. An we've transformed veterans' health care, including through VA Choice, right? VA Choice. [cheers and applause] For 48 years they've been trying to get veterans' choice. I thought I had the greatest secret. You know, I haven't been doing this that long, so four years ago, I'm campaigning for president. Everyone said, "No, he's only having fun." Yeah, it's some fun. This is a lot of fun. Right? [laughter] But for 45 years they've been trying to get it, Veterans' Choice. So I come back one day, I say to my people, "I have the greatest idea. I am so smart." I am like the smart ... I have an idea because the veterans are waiting online. They're waiting online for two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, ten weeks. Some are okay and they end up being terminally ill by the time they see the doctors, too long. And I said, "Folks, I have the greatest idea." All of my people, I say, "I have the greatest idea. I'm so smart. Here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna send all those people that can't see a doctor, we just can't get them to see a doctor. We're gonna send them down the road to private doctors and we're gonna pay the bill and they're gonna get fixed up." [cheers and applause]

Right? So smart. But you see, I said I was smart and they looked back at me and they said, "Sir, we've known about that concept for 45 years. We just can't get it approved." But I got it approved. And I got it approved about 11 months ago. [cheers and applause] And the VA is doing fantastically well. Our veterans are doing great. That was a big thing. That was a big thing. We also got accountability. Where people could mistreat our veterans, do whatever they want, they could be sadistic. They could be so many other things. They could steal, they could rob. You couldn't do anything, you'd keep them. You couldn't do a thing. We got accountability. Now you look at them, you say, "Get the hell out of here. You're fired, you're fired." [cheers and applause]

Now you can fire. They've let go of more than 8,000 bad people. We have reduced opioid deaths for the first time, and very substantially, in 30 years. [cheers and applause] And we are modernizing critical vaccines. We're doing a great job with vaccines. We are creating a pathway to buy drugs from Canada, that are much, much cheaper, in Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis came to me. He said, "Sir, this system is so bad." And you can't fix it unless you have Democrat votes, that's why you gotta vote the House. You gotta get us back the House.

They say, "Sir, we can buy the drugs in Canada for 50% less." The same drug made in the same factory, made by the same company, 50% and we can give the benefit for the people that live in Florida, or Colorado, or New Jersey, or wherever you are. And no president ... This has been going on for a long time. No president has wanted to do it. You know how long it took me to make that decision? I said, "If you can say 50%, or 25%, or 15%, buy it. Do it. Go." And I gave him authorization, "Do it." [cheers and applause]

We are protecting Medicare for our nation's seniors. Democrats want, and you know this, Democrats wanna raid Medicare to fund benefits for illegal immigrants. [booing] And you know, we all have a heart. We all have a heart, but when you tell people to come into our country, like this clown governor of California, come into our country, come. They're all gonna come. If they think they're going to get free education, free healthcare, they're all gonna come. If you don't say it, they're not gonna come. Because who would even think this?

Virtually every top Democrat also now supports late-term abortion. [booing] Ripping babies straight from the mother's womb, right up until the moment of birth. And that is why I've asked Congress to prohibit extreme late term abortion, because Republicans believe that every child is a sacred gift from God. [cheers and applause]

Democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, socialism, and blatant corruption. Look at what's happening to their cities. Los Angeles, it's so sad. What you see is so sad with the homeless and the way they don't take care of the homeless. San Francisco, you could take a ... Starting in New York. You could take a look at what's happening to our cities run by Democrats. It's a disaster. They don't know what the hell they're doing. The Republican party is the party of the American worker, the American family, and the American dream. [cheers and applause]

Republicans are fighting for citizens from every background and from every race, religion, color, and creed. We are asking all Americans to join our incredible movement. That's what it is. It's one of the greatest movements. It's probably the greatest movement in history. The 2016 election was probably, I mean you could say, the greatest election in the history of our country. [cheers and applause]

And now we have to do it again to keep it going. It's like a giant tree, you plant it, but it takes time to grab on. We need this next election so badly. The good news is, it's much easier, because here I've done it all. I've achieved more than I promised. I never told you about Space Force. We got Space Force. I never told you about all of these things that we got. We are a big tent party in the true idea. It's big ideas, and we have a big future together.

This country has tremendous potential, if we don't blow it. To give former prisoners a second chance at life, we pass bipartisan criminal justice reform. They came to me, they couldn't get it done, including many conservatives. [cheers and applause] And these people that I fight every day, they came to me, "Help, help, help. Criminal justice reform." I got it done. As soon as I got it done, they don't even wanna mention my name. I got it done. I got people to vote for it that they could have never gotten. President Obama tried, he couldn't get it done. President Bush couldn't get it. They couldn't get it done. That's okay. They couldn't get it done. I got it done. I got it done. [cheers and applause]

And after I got it done, and I mean solely got it done, and after I got it done they had news conferences. They're thanking people that I never even heard of. The only one they didn't thank was President Trump. And I got it done, but that's the way it is. [shouting] That's why I always say you have to thank yourself because nobody else is going to do it.

And we're fighting to give school choice to every child in America who needs it. During National School Choice Week, we reaffirmed that no parent should be forced to send their child to a failing government school. School Choice—[cheers and applause]—very important. Democrats don't want that.

To uphold the rule of law, we have confirmed 191 brand new beautiful federal judges who will interpret the Constitution as written. [cheers and applause] And two great Supreme Court justices—[cheers and applause]—two great ones.

As we rebuild our military, we have authorized over 160 million dollars to support our warriors at a place called, huh, McGuire Air Force Base and Fort Dix. Have you ever heard of those places? Have you ever heard of those places, New Jersey? [cheers and applause] One hundred and sixty million dollars, two great places.

I recognized Israel's true capital and opened the American embassy in Jerusalem. [cheers and applause] And we recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Nobody else was going to do it. They've been trying to do that one for 52 years.

For years you watched as your politicians apologized for America. Now you have a president who is standing up for America and we are standing up for the people of New Jersey. [cheers and applause] My friends. [cheers and applause]

At stake in our present battle is the survival of our nation. I really mean that, it's the survival of our nation. And if you would have had the other party winning this last election, instead of your market being up 72%, instead of your 401(k)s being up numbers that you can't even believe where your wife or your husband says, "Darling, you're the most brilliant person in history. For years, you've been losing your ass with 401(k)s. Now you're making a fortune." Right? [cheers and applause] Right? [cheers and applause]

Now you're making a fortune. I have people coming up to me all the time. I had one gentleman come up, "Sir. Thank you, sir. You've made me look so smart. My wife never respected me for anything, not anything. But now she thinks I'm a great investor. Thank you." 401(k).

If you want your children to inherit the blessings that generations of Americans have fought and died for it to secure, then we must devote everything that we have toward victory in 2020. We have to. [cheers and applause]

And by the way, when we talk about inheriting victory in 2020 in our nation, just so you understand, under a big tax cut, biggest tax cut plan in history, guess what you have? You have a business, you have a farm, you have a small business, no more inheritance tax, no more what we call death tax. [cheers and applause] Right?

So if you love your children, they won't have to mortgage the plant. They won't have to be mortgage the farm, as the expression goes. They won't have to mortgage anything, there's no tax. If you don't love your children, don't leave it to them and then you do have a problem. No, I'm only kidding. [laughter] Does anybody here not love their child or their children? Because if you don't ... There's one man raising his hand. Nah, that's a big thing. No more estate tax, no more death tax for your small farms and businesses. [cheers and applause] Those are things that people don't even realize.

Only this way can we save the America we love and drain the Washington swamp once and for all. And I never even knew the swamp was this bad. Swamp is bad, bad people. A lot of bad people in the swamp. [shouting] Bad people in the swamp.

Crowd. [chanting] Drain the swamp! Drain the swamp! Drain the swamp! Drain the swamp!

The President. We got a lot of bad people in that swamp. That swamp, the swamp creatures they call them. They are all over. Step by step, we gotta, you thought this was going to be easy, right? [shouting] A lot of bad people.

With your help, we will lift millions of our citizens from welfare to work, dependence to independence, and from poverty to prosperity. That's what's happening together in our country.

Together, we will elect a Republican Congress to create a fair, safe, sane, and lawful system of immigration. That's what's happening now. [cheers and applause] We will enact trade deals, the greatest deals ever made, that result in more product proudly stamped with that beautiful phrase, "Made in the USA." Beautiful. [cheers and applause] For decades we had politicians that didn't care about that phrase. That phrase didn't mean anything to them.

We will achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine, finding new cures for childhood cancer and ending the AIDS epidemic, can you believe this, in America in 10 years or less. We've already started the process. And it could have been started sooner by the past administration, they chose not to do it. I chose to do it. Think of that, ending the AIDS epidemic within 10 years that we've started.

We will defend privacy, free speech, religious liberty, and the right to keep and bear arms, which is under siege. [cheers and applause]

Crowd. [chanting] USA! USA! USA! USA!

The President. By the way, our Second Amendment is under siege. In Virginia, they wanna take your guns away. It's just the beginning. [booing] Never going to happen ...

Crowd Member. Never!

The President. ... as long as I'm President of the United States. That I can tell you. [cheers and applause]

But above all, we will never stop fighting for the sacred values that bind us together as one America. We support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. We stand with the incredible heroes of law enforcement. [cheers and applause] We believe in the dignity of work and in the sanctity of life. We believe that faith and family, not government bureaucracy, are the true American ways. [cheers and applause] And we believe that children should be taught to love our country, honor our history, and to always respect our great American flag. [cheers and applause] And we will always live by the words of our national motto, "In God we trust."

Crowd. [chanting] Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

The President. Thank you, everybody. Thank you very much, everybody.

From Morristown to Vineland, and Patterson to Pennington. From Camden to Clifton, all the way down the shore to Ocean City and Sea Isle and Stone Harbor. And right here in Wildwood, New Jersey. [cheers and applause] This has always been the home of the proud, loyal, and very, very incredible Americans. And my friends, so many people in this group, I know them well. They're tough, they're smart, they're great people. It's called Jersey. [cheers and applause]

This is the state that pioneered the boardwalk, the diner, and the motion picture. And gave the world American greats like Thomas Edison and Frank Sinatra, old blue eyes. [cheers and applause] Frank Sinatra. He was a piece of work, that I can tell you. New Jersey is the state where George Washington led a die-hard band of American patriots to victory at Trenton, and Princeton, and Monmouth. In our glorious battle to win American independence, George Washington. This is the state where generations of tough and strong New Jersey craftsmen and dock hands, farmers and factory workers built this country into the single greatest nation on the face of the Earth. And we are making it greater and greater every day. It will never be better than what's coming. There'll never be anything like what we're doing. [cheers and applause]

Proud citizens like you helped build this country and together, we are taking back our country. We are returning power to you, the American people. [cheers and applause]

With your help and your devotion, with your drive, we are going to keep on working. We are going to keep on fighting. And we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. [cheers and applause] We are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God. [cheers and applause] America is thriving like never before. And ladies and gentlemen of New Jersey, place I love, the best is yet to come. [cheers and applause] Because together we will make America wealthy again. [cheers and applause] We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again. Thank you. New Jersey. Thank you. Thank you. [cheers and applause]

[Music: The Rolling Stones, You Can't Always Get What You Want.]


NOTES: The President spoke at the Wildwood Convention Center. Also speaking were New Jersey Representative Jeff Van Drew and Kellyanne Conway, Senior Counselor to the President. The President spoke for about 1 hour.

This transcript prepared for the American Presidency Project by UCSB student research assistant Katya Kiseleva.

Donald J. Trump, Remarks at a "Keep America Great" Rally in Wildwood, New Jersey Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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