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Remarks Following Treatment at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland

March 14, 1997

Press Secretary Mike McCurry. Since we're talking about him, I thought maybe you'd like to hear from the President. So he just wanted to say hello, so we connected him in here.

The President. Mike, can you hear me?

Press Secretary McCurry. Yes, sir, we can hear you fine. Go ahead.

The President. Well, I'm enjoying this press conference. [Laughter]

Press Secretary McCurry. First one in a long time you probably enjoyed.

The President. It's wonderful not to be answering the questions. But I want you guys to quit giving my doctor a hard time about letting me go to Helsinki. We're all going to Helsinki; we have to go to Helsinki. [Laughter]

Press Secretary McCurry. Thank you, sir.

The President. I feel great. They did a terrific job. And let me say, I just had an unlucky break. But I've had almost no injuries in my life. In 25 years of running and a lot of other athletic activity, I've been remarkably free of injuries. I had one skiing accident once, and this was just an accident. Accidents happen to people. But I was very fortunate that Greg Norman, being a better athlete than I am, immediately heard my knee pop and turned around and caught me before I fell on the ground. And then the hospital down in Florida did a wonderful job, Dr. Cohen and the other people. And my team did a good job here. I feel great.

And don't worry about it; I'll just spend a little time here and get home and go back to work.

Thank you.

NOTE: These remarks were included in the transcript of a press briefing by the President's attending physicians which began at 5:50 p.m. The President spoke from the Medical Evaluation and Treatment Unit at the National Naval Medical Center, following surgical treatment for a knee injury he sustained on March 13 when he lost his footing on a staircase at the home of professional golfer Greg Norman. In his remarks, the President referred to Comdr. David P. Adkison, USN, chair, orthopedic surgery, National Naval Medical Center; and Joel E. Cohen, orthopedic surgeon, St. Mary's Medical Center, West Palm Beach, FL. A tape was not available for verification of the content of these remarks.

William J. Clinton, Remarks Following Treatment at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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