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Remarks Following the "Super Tuesday" Primaries

March 07, 2000

Well, my friends, we won a few and lost a few today. And over the next few days we will take some time to enjoy our victories and take stock of our losses. I want to congratulate Governor Bush and his family, and wish him well as he takes time to enjoy the victories he won tonight. We may meet again in primaries a few days from now and we have both earned a little rest.

Tomorrow, we will take a little time to reflect on the direction of our campaign. But I want to assure you all that our crusade continues tonight, tomorrow, the next day, the day after that and for as long as it takes to restore America's confidence and pride in the practice and institutions of our great democracy. We will never give up this mission, my friends. I give you my word on that, for that is the great purpose of public service and we must never lose sight of it.

As is evident by the great numbers of voters who have rallied to our banner, so many of whom had been disaffected by politics in recent times, America needs and wants a thorough reform of the way we conduct our nation's business. And the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Reagan, needs to recover its purpose to be as big as the country we serve. That is the purpose of our campaign, and as I said, I have no intention of ever surrendering it.

For that is the only way, my friends, that we can revive the patriotism of all the people of this beautiful, bountiful, blessed country, and call them once again to service in her great causes. There is no greater satisfaction nor one that gives our lives greater meaning than to sacrifice in causes greater than our self interest, causes that encompass us but are not defined by our personal ambitions alone. America stands for something so much greater than the cynicism that sometimes afflicts us. We stand, as we always have, for freedom and justice for all humanity. And I am so proud, so proud, that this message has struck a chord in the hearts of so many Americans of every race, creed, and political persuasion in this vast and diverse country.

We have come so far, and we have so many to thank that my brief remarks tonight can do neither subject justice. For now let me simply say that I thank you from the bottom of my heart, as you should thank yourselves, for becoming a powerful force beckoning the country to service in a very worthy cause. I am grateful and honored and humbled beyond expression for all the support and affection Cindy and I have received from all of you here tonight and from everyone who has rallied to our cause. You are the best thing about our campaign, and I am indebted to you all for the honor and the great blessing of your friendship.

So let us enjoy ourselves this evening, my friends, celebrate our successes, and prepare to get back to work tomorrow. Thank you, and God bless you.

John McCain, Remarks Following the "Super Tuesday" Primaries Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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