Remarks in Durant, Indian Territory

April 05, 1905

In thanking all of you for coming here, let me thank first the Union and Confederate veterans, the men who wore the blue and the gray, the men who proved their truth by their endeavor; who risked life itself for their convictions in the great days of the Civil War, and who left us as a heritage the duty of doing no less should ever the call to arms come again. Also let me say how glad I am to see the school children here. You of the Civil War left us the duty to be true to the standard you set. Let us so live that these children when they grow up shall feel equally proud of the country we leave to them, and we have got to do it by the way we do the small duties of life.

The thing to do is each day to do that day's work. That is what makes a good soldier in time of war, and it also makes good citizens in time of peace. Remember, above all things, here in this Territory, so soon to be a part of a great and mighty State—and I do not think I have to impress it upon you much your duty to the generation that is coming up.

Theodore Roosevelt, Remarks in Durant, Indian Territory Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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