Franklin D. Roosevelt

Remarks at Corinth, Miss.

November 27, 1934

My friends:

I am glad to come into the district of my friend, John Rankin, to come back to Mississippi after an absence of six long years.

We have had a great day today. We started with a great friend of the people this morning— Andrew Jackson. We are ending up the day with another friend of the people—the Tennessee Valley Authority. As you all know, I have been tremendously interested in the work that you good people have been carrying on. You are carrying out the ideal of working out things for the benefit of the average man and average woman by meeting new problems with new methods.

I want to say a special word of commendation for the way you in Alcorn County have worked out an experiment that is going to succeed—the Alcorn County Electric Power Association. There are two points in regard to what you have done that ought to be known all over the United States—north and south and east and west. The first is that you are treating your county as a unit and, in treating it that way, you are giving an opportunity to the people who live on the farm equal with the people who live in the city. The other interesting fact, I am told, is that with cheaper rates of electricity than you have ever had before, you are going to pay off in five and a half years the money you have borrowed.

My friends, in this you are doing something not only for yourselves, but for the rest of the United States. You are proving something that some of us have believed to be true for a great many years. And, in proving it to the rest of the United States, you are going to make life easier for the average family in a great many other places. That is why I am very glad to stop here tonight. I wish I could come here by daylight and see more of you. I will do that some time later on.

I want to congratulate you and tell you how happy I am in hearing about the fine public spirit that Corinth and Alcorn County are showing to the United States of America.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Remarks at Corinth, Miss. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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