Franklin D. Roosevelt

Remarks at Childress, Texas.

July 11, 1938

My friends:

I am glad to come out to West Texas. I am glad to come out to Marvin Jones' district. Tom Connally and I have been "kidding" him on this train, wondering whether when we came into the home district of the Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture of the House of Representatives, whether we should find agriculture was a whole lot better here than in any other place in the country.

Marvin says that you are doing pretty well.

I have been very much interested in coming through this end of Texas. I have never been through here before. But I have been fairly familiar with it in a good many ways because, in the last six years, I have had to get a good deal of first-hand knowledge about the problems of every part of the country.

I am very glad to know that you are all water conscious. I hope the day will come—it will take a long time to do it- when every drop of water that falls out of the heavens will serve the highest use, the best use possible for mankind before it gets down into the Gulf of Mexico.

We are learning a lot; we know more about all these problems today than we did ten years or twenty years ago. Back in the East there are a good many people who laugh about the Dust Bowl, they laugh about the efforts on the part of man to change nature. I wish they could come out and see the people who live in this country and who are making good in this country.

That is why we in Washington, thinking in national terms, are doing everything that we possibly can to make every area of the United States a better place to live in, to give a greater security not only to this generation but to the children who are going to follow us in the days to come.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Remarks at Childress, Texas. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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