Remarks at Campbell, California

May 11, 1903

It is a very great pleasure to be here. It is a great pleasure to take part in planting this tree in the presence of the children of Campbell County. I do not know of anything that bids better for our material well-being than the tree culture; and I know of nothing among the many things that the National Grange has done that it has done better than fostering the habit of caring for the forests where they exist, and the planting of new trees. And then even above trees come the children, that is the all- important part. It is a peculiar pleasure to me to address the children. I have but just one word to say to you; it is something I should say to your elders also. I believe in play and I believe in work. I want to see you play hard while you play, and when you work do not play at all. [Cheers and applause]

Theodore Roosevelt, Remarks at Campbell, California Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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