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Remarks to a Campaign Rally for Gubernatorial Candidate Arliss Sturgulewski in Anchorage, Alaska

November 04, 1990

The President. Well, hello, Anchorage. Jim, are you there?

Mr. Campbell. Yes, we can hear you. You're coming across great, Mr. President. We've got a large group here, as Arliss said, supporters that have been with us. And really, thank you for this opportunity. And also, we've just been campaigning, as Arliss mentioned, with Senator Stevens, Senator Murkowski, Don Young this morning; and thank you for letting them get on home with us.

The President. Well, listen, first of all, let me just, please, give my very best to Ted Stevens and Frank Murkowski and Don Young. You've got a wonderful, wonderful delegation for Alaska and for the United States back there in Washington. And I'm grateful to each one of the three of them every single day. So, I first want to salute that congressional delegation, one of the greatest that we've got. And if we had more people like them in the Senate and more people like Don in the House, we would be sailing along with the agenda that Alaskans want to see fulfilled.

So, that's enough of the Washington scene, but Barbara and I are here in Houston, Texas. One day of campaigning tomorrow, and then I vote and go back to Washington. But we wanted to just send, Arliss, to send you and Jim our very best. I've known Arliss Sturgulewski for a long time, Jim Campbell, too. And they'll make a great Governor and Lieutenant Governor for the State.

You know, I would say that Alaska needs a Governor -- --

Mr. Campbell. Are you paying for this call? We're getting a lot of applause.

The President. Yes. [Laughter] Hey, listen, I'm just getting warmed up when I think of that wonderful ticket up there. But I'm glad you've got so many people there.

And let me simply say that the State needs a Governor who does not do business as usual and someone who doesn't flinch at making the tough choices and who will go in there and shake things up for all the right reasons. And of course, Arliss, that's why I so strongly support you. And I believe that everyone there, certainly -- and I'm hopeful on Tuesday the rest of the State -- will say the same thing: that we've got the best candidates. Far and away the best gubernatorial candidate: a 25-year record as an Alaska leader, including service on every standing State senate committee in her four terms. And this kind of rich experience in business and government will serve the State well. So, get out and vote.

Ms. Sturgulewski. Thank you, Mr. President. We look forward to working with you on ANWR [Arctic National Wildlife Refuge], on some high seas driftnet fishery issues, on some military issues. And we're really delighted at your support, look forward to working with you and our congressional delegation. And good luck on the campaign trail, and I know you wish that to us.

The President. Well, I do. But listen, I'm not finished yet, Arliss. I'm just getting warmed up here. But I wanted to mention one other issue if I could: education. I mean, Ted and Frank are working hard for our Education Excellence Act; Don Young supporting it. But I really think a lot of the answer lies at the State level. And with your experience as a schoolteacher, I believe that you can champion the cause of education in Alaska, just as I'm trying to champion the cause of education in the country.

And I need your help to help us achieve what we laid out at the Governors summit. I'm talking about the goals for national educational excellence. So, that's another reason we want to see you in there. And so, please work hard, you and Jim.

And may I just say to your supporters there, you know, I get sick and tired of all these gloomy assessments that I hear on television and read about in the papers. We have a lot to be grateful for in our country, and one of the things is, individuals can make a difference. And this cynical reporting we hear about, how everybody is gloomy and down in the dumps -- I don't believe it. Alaskans have never been that way. And if you all get out and vote, you can say to yourselves on Wednesday: I made a difference. I elected Arliss and Jim, sent Don Young and Ted Stevens -- Frank's already there -- back to Congress, and elected Arliss and Jim at the State level. So, you can make a difference.

And please get to the polls and vote, and join Barbara and me in counting our blessings for this, the greatest country on the face of the Earth. Now go get 'em, Arliss.

Ms. Sturgulewski. We're delighted at your call. And believe me, people are energized, and they're working. And we are going to be successful on November 6th. But thanks for your call. It was wonderful.

The President. Best of luck. Over and out.

Note: The President spoke by telephone at 4:02 p.m. from Houston, TX. The rally was held at Ms. Sturgulewski's campaign headquarters. In his remarks, the President referred to Senators Ted Stevens and Frank H. Murkowski. A tape was not available for verification of the content of these remarks.

George Bush, Remarks to a Campaign Rally for Gubernatorial Candidate Arliss Sturgulewski in Anchorage, Alaska Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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