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Remarks on Arrival at Guam International Airport.

July 25, 1969

THANK YOU very much. Mrs. Nixon and I want you to know how very much we appreciate your wonderful welcome here at Guam.

As I stand here and think of what happened today, the completion of that historic flight to the moon and the landing on the moon, I can say that I am sure all of us--all of the American citizens around the world--are proud today of what has happened, and all the people in Guam join with all of us in that.

After such a warm welcome as this, I would, of course, remember this visit to Guam, brief as it is, in any event, but I will remember it particularly, and my wife will remember it, because on the day that our astronauts came back from the moon, we stayed in Guam, and we are glad we are here with you. We only wish we had the time to meet each and every one of you, but we have a fairly heavy schedule while we are here, and then on tomorrow to the Philippines.

I simply want to say in conclusion that when we come here, when we see this great crowd of people, all of whom are deeply devoted to our country far across the Pacific, we realize what a great challenge those of us have who are in positions of leadership to develop the programs that will bring peace and progress to all the world, and particularly we feel that when we see these literally thousands of children. We want them to grow up in a world of peace.

I can assure you that coming here has given us a real inspiration. We thank you for your welcome. We look forward to meeting at least some of you before we leave, and all of you, if we don't meet you personally, at least we hope we do sometime in the future.

Thank you.

Note: The President spoke at 4:45 p.m. at the International Airport, Agana, Guam.

Richard Nixon, Remarks on Arrival at Guam International Airport. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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