Remarks in Adams, Massachusetts

June 22, 1905

It is a great pleasure to come here and stop for a few minutes at the place where my predecessor, President McKinley, was so fond of staying. I have always regretted that it was not within my power to come here when they dedicated the monument to his memory, but I am deeply thankful to Mr. Plunkett for the interest he has shown in being the first mover in the erection of a memorial to Mr. McKinley.

I am very glad to be traveling through Massachusetts, to see your beautiful country, your landscape and rivers, your factories, and, above all, your men and women, and I am very glad to see borne out what President McKinley once said to me. He said that at Adams I would be gratified by seeing any number of children. And they look like mighty nice children, too. I am sure there is not a father or mother that will not agree with me that of all the bodies of men and women in this country, that one to which we owe the most because of their profession is the body of school teachers.

Theodore Roosevelt, Remarks in Adams, Massachusetts Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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