Franklin D. Roosevelt

Rear-Platform Remarks at Gary, Ind., during Drought Inspection Trip.

August 26, 1936

When we came into the station just now, Paul McNutt said, "So this is Indiana." May I say that it is a lot happier-looking Indiana than the last time I was here?

Of course I am very glad to know that things are going so much better, that there is so much more prosperity in Gary and in the other great industrial centers of the Middle West.

I am on this trip because I want to see at first hand some of the problems and some of the difficulties of our neighbors further west, who have not had a chance to make any crops at all this year. And I am doing it not only to help them, but also because I believe, and I think you believe, that their prosperity out there in the Western farming area has a very direct influence on our prosperity further east in the industrial centers.

My friends, I am glad to stop here this time. The last time we went through Gary, we hurried through at about forty miles an hour trying to make up time. I hope the next time I shall not only be able to make a stop, but be able to get off and see more of you in your own home town.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rear-Platform Remarks at Gary, Ind., during Drought Inspection Trip. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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