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Readout of President Obama's Call With Secretary Chu

May 25, 2010

President Obama spoke with Energy Secretary Steven Chu tonight by telephone from Air Force One. Secretary Chu briefed the President on his scientific and technical assessment of BP's plans for a possible "top kill" and what the next steps will be if BP's "top kill" fails to stop to leak.

At the request of President Obama, Secretary Chu has been leading a team of top scientists who have been scrutinizing BP's plans to stop the leak and providing expert advice and ideas to help better inform BP's approach and maximize the chances for success. As part of these efforts, Secretary Chu is in Houston today.

BP is now conducting crucial diagnostic pressure tests inside the blowout preventer before the "top kill" moves forward. Secretary Chu and his team are evaluating that data in real time as it is coming in. They are also helping analyze multiple backup plans if the "top kill" does not work.

Photos of Secretary Chu’s meetings today are available here:

Barack Obama, Readout of President Obama's Call With Secretary Chu Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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