Franklin D. Roosevelt

Radio Address to Veterans.

March 05, 1933

I AM glad that this, the first word addressed by me to the people of the country, can be dedicated to the great ideals of sacrifice and service. The men of the Legion and indeed all veterans, and all good citizens know that the essential things of life are related intimately to those two great words. The men of the ranks of the Legion in the trying days of fifteen years ago offered for the welfare and preservation of our country the ultimate contribution that a human can give. The deep necessities of peace are no less serious. It is a mistake to assume that the virtues of war differ essentially from the virtues of peace. All life is a battle against the forces of nature, against the mistakes and human limitations of man, against the forces of selfishness and inertia, of laziness and fear. These are enemies with whom we never conclude an armistice. To the end that the efforts I am giving in these first days of my Administration may be crowned with success and that we may achieve a lasting restoration of national well-being, I invite the support of the men of the Legion and of all men and women who love their country, who know the meaning of sacrifice and who in every emergency have given splendid and generous service to the Nation.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Radio Address to Veterans. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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