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Press Release - What They Are Saying: U.S. Sen. Schumer and Top Democrats Praise U.S. Sen. Jeff

January 11, 2017

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ): "Blessed And Honored to Have Partnered With Senator Sessions" In Passing Legislation That Awarded 1965 Voting Rights Marches Foot Soldiers With the Congressional Gold Medal. BOOKER: "And so this is truly one of my life's greatest moments. I am humbled to be able to participate here and pay tribute to some of the extraordinary Americans whose footsteps paved the way for me and my generation. I feel blessed and honored to have partnered with Senator Sessions in being the Senate sponsors of this important award." ("FLASHBACK: Booker: 'Honored' to Work With Sessions on Civil Rights," NTK Network, 1/9/17)

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Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY): "We Work Together Well, And It Is A Tribute To Jeff. He Is Straightforward And Fair, And I Very Much Appreciate That All The Time." SCHUMER: "Thank you, Senator Sessions. I want to just repay the compliment. We are from different parts of the country. We are different ideologically. But we work together well, and it is a tribute to Jeff. He is straightforward and fair, and I very much appreciate that all the time." (Sen. Chuck Schumer, Hearing, Senate Homeland Security Committee, 4/17/2002)

  • Sen. Schumer: "[Sessions] Is Always A Gentleman." "SCHUMER: "Well, I want to sincerely thank my colleague, Jeff Sessions. We are from different parts of the country, and not only different parties, but clearly different ideologies, but he is always a gentleman. And we have come to agreement, I think, that these kinds of debates are very healthy, a lot better, as he mentioned earlier, as did Orrin, than the 'gotcha' politics which just demeaned everything—the nominees, the Committee, the courts, the country." (Sen. Chuck Schumer, Hearing, Senate Judiciary Committee: Subcommittee On Administrative Oversight And The Courts, 9/24/02)

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) On Sen. Sessions: "Wonderful To Work With." LEAHY: "I've had a lot of discussions with Senator Sessions who is actually wonderful to work with." (Sen. Patrick Leahy, Hearing, Senate Judiciary Committee, 6/28/-7/1/10)

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Obama Labor Secretary Thomas Perez: "Senator Sessions, I Have Always Had Great Respect For You And Appreciate The Respect You Accorded Me Dating Back To 1989." (Sec. Thomas Perez, Hearing, Senate Judiciary Committee, 4/20/10)

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Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA): "It Has Been A Privilege To Work With Senator Sessions..." KENNEDY: "I especially commend my lead Republican co-sponsor, Senator Sessions and his dedicated staff, Andrea Sander, William Smith, and Ed Haden. It has been a privilege to work with Senator Sessions and the two lead sponsors of this legislation in the House, Congressmen Frank Wolf and Bobby Scott." (Sen. Edward Kennedy, Congressional Record, U.S. Senate, 7/22/03)

Sen. Dick Durban (D-IL): "Senator Sessions Is A Man Of His Word." (Sen. Patrick Leahy, Hearing, Senate Judiciary Committee, 6/28/-7/1/10)

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Former Attorney General Eric Holder On Sen. Sessions: "A Great U.S. Attorney." HOLDER: "Well, Senator, as you know, having been a prosecutor and a great U.S. attorney yourself, there are a whole variety of things that have to go into making a prosecutive determination: What was that person's intent? Did that person act under the thought that he or she had authorization from a higher authority? These are all the kinds of things that would have to be weighed in trying to make a determination whether somebody had acted appropriately, inappropriately, lawfully, or unlawfully." (Attorney General Eric Holder, Hearing, Senate Judiciary Committee, 1/15/09)

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