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Press Release - What They Are Saying About Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt at Today's Hearings

January 18, 2017

Sen. Barrasso (R-WY) Praised Pruitt's Nomination, Says "He Has Been A Distinguished Public Servant." (Sen. John Barrasso, Hearing, Senate Environment And Public Works Committee, 1/18/17)

Sen. Inhofe (R-OK): "Pruitt Will Return The EPA To Its Proper Role" And "Has Proven Himself." (Sen. Jim Inhofe, Hearing, Senate Environment And Public Works Committee 1/18/17)

Sen. Lankford (R-TX) Praised Pruitt's Leadership In Oklahoma, Predicts He Will Successfully Lead The EPA. (Sen. James Lankford, Hearing, Senate Environment And Public Works Committee, 1/18/17)

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA): "Scott Pruitt has earned bipartisan respect & recognition as OK Attorney General. Great pick to lead #EPA" (Sen. David Perdue, Twitter, 1/18/17)

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV): "Scott Pruitt is the best choice for the @EPA admin. and would help restore #EPA to it's original, lawful mission" (Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, Twitter, 1/18/17)

Praise And Support For Pruitt Has Been Rolling In For Weeks

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) Praised Pruitt's Nomination For EPA Administrator, Saying He Has The "Right Experience" For The Job (John Siciliano, "Manchin: Trump's EPA Pick Is ‘Right' For The Job," The Washington Examiner, 1/5/17)

Jeb Bush: "I Cannot Think Of A Person More Suited To Lead The Environmental Protection Agency Than Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt." " (Jeb Bush, "Jeb Bush: Scott Pruitt Is Ready To Turn Around The EPA," CNN, 12/20/16)

Senator Marco Rubio Called Pruitt "The Right Choice To Bring A Much-Needed Dose Of Common Sense To A Department Where Overzealous, Out-Of-Touch Regulators Have Been Allowed To Operate Seemingly Unchecked." ("Rubio Announces Support For President-Elect Trump's Selection Of Scott Pruitt For EPA Administrator," U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, 1/10/17)

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV): "Attorney General Pruitt Is Exactly The Type Of Person We Need To Lead The EPA During This Critical Time." (Capito Statement On Selection Of Scott Pruitt For EPA Administrator, U.S. Senator Shelley Capito, 12/7/16)

Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS): "Mr. Pruitt Is More Than Qualified To Lead EPA." ("Wicker Meets With Nominee To Lead EPA," U.S Senator Roger Wicker, 1/4/17)

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK): "Each Time Attorney General Pruitt Has Testified Before The EPW Committee, I've Been Impressed By His Eloquent Legal Analysis And His Incisive Refutation Of The Lawless Overreach We've Seen From President Obama's EPA These Past 8 Years." ("Sullivan Statement On Oklahoma Attorney General Pruitt As EPA Administrator," U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan, 12/7/16)

Sen. John Boozman (R-AR): "I Look Forward To Working With Him To Ensure The EPA Uses A Smart, Balanced Approach To Safeguard Our Environment." ("Boozman Meets With EPA Administrator Nominee," U.S. Seantor John Boozman, 1/5/17)

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) Said That Pruitt Will Be Equipped To Take On "The Kind Of Dangerous Bureaucratic Mindset He's Up Against" At The EPA. (Andrew Restuccia And Alex Guillen, "Obama's Mighty EPA Falls Into Pruitt's Hands," Politico, 12/8/16)

The American Farm Bureau Federation Endorsed Scott Pruitt's Nomination As EPA Administrator. ("American Farm Bureau Strongly Endorses Pruitt For EPA," American Farm Bureau Federation, 1/4/17)

More Than 20 Nonprofit Advocacy Organizations Signed A Public Letter To The Senate Urging The Confirmation Of Scott Pruitt As EPA Administrator. (Public Letter, Competitive Enterprise Institute, 1/12/17)

  • Among The Organizations Is The American Energy Alliance, The Club For Growth, The National Black Chamber Of Commerce, The Heartland Institute, And The Rio Grande Foundation Among Others. (Public Letter, Competitive Enterprise Institute, 1/12/17)

Florida Commissioner Of Agriculture Adam Putnam Said That "Pruitt Has The Experience, Understanding Of The Law And Courage To Get This Out-Of-Control Federal Agency Back On Track." (Adam Putnam: Scott Pruitt Will Unravel Mess At EPA," Orlando Sentinel, 1/4/17)

  • Putnam Said He "Witnessed Firsthand Pruitt's Balanced Approach To Regulation, One That Conserves Our Natural Resources And Protects The Environment, While Also Fostering Economic Growth, And, Most Important, Protecting States' Rights." (Adam Putnam: Scott Pruitt Will Unravel Mess At EPA," Orlando Sentinel, 1/4/17)

North Carolina Environmental Commissioner Donald van deer Vaart Said That Pruitt "Is The Ideal Leader" For The EPA. (Donald R. van der Vaart, "Scott Pruitt Is The Ideal Nominee To Lead To EPA," Real Clear Energy, 12/15/16)

CEO Of The National Stone, Sand, And Gravel Association Michael W. Johnson Said That "Pruitt Is An Ideal Choice" To Lead To EPA. (Michael W. Johnson, "EPA Has History Of Lawlessness – Trump's Pick Scott Pruitt Will Bring Order," The Hill, 1/18/17)

President And CEO Of The State Chamber Of Oklahoma Fred Moran Said That Pruitt "Will Be A Strong Advocate For Appropriate Government Intervention And Push Back Against Federal Overreach Against Business." ("State Chamber Of Oklahoma President Reacts To EPA Nomination Of Scott Pruitt," State Chamber Of Oklahoma, 12/7/16)

President And CEO Of The Tulsa Regional Chamber Mike Neal Said That Pruitt "Will Bring A Practical, Balanced Viewpoint To Washington ("Tulsa Regional Chamber Comments On Scott Pruitt Appointment," Tulsa Regional Chamber, 12/7/16)

Donald J. Trump, Press Release - What They Are Saying About Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt at Today's Hearings Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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