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Press Release of Senator John F. Kennedy on Senior Citizens for Kennedy, Washington, DC

August 26, 1960

Senator John F. Kennedy announced today the appointment of a 23-member Board of Senior Citizens for Kennedy to help emphasize to the American people the importance of medical care for older citizens based on the social security principle.

"We are going to need effective legislation in this field," Senator Kennedy declared, "and we are going to need effective leadership in the White House to achieve our goal."

As vice chairman of the Senior Citizens Organization, Senator Kennedy also named the following today to work with Representative Aime J. Forand (Democrat, of Rhode Island), appointed national chairman last week: Senator Pat McNamara (Democrat, of Michigan), chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Problems of the Aged and Aging; Dr. Marjorie Borchardt, of Los Angeles, who has been active in us field for a number of years; Dr. Wilbur Cohen, professor, University of Michigan, and former Director of Research for the Social Security Administration; Dr. Wilma Donahue, director, Institute of Gerontology, University of Michigan; and Dr. Basil MacLean, former president of the National Blue Cross.

Senator Kennedy also appointed Dr. Blue Carstensen, former Chairman of the Technical Directors for the White House Conference on the Aged, to serve as assistant to the chairman of the organization, and Edward Heroux, of Washington, D.C., as secretary.

Attached is a list of those named to the Board of Senior Citizens for Kennedy. Additional board members and a medical advisory committee will be announced at a later date.


Dr. Fern Colborn, director, National Federation of Settlements, New York City.

Nathan Cowan, chairman, Committee on Retired Workers, United Steelworkers, Washington, D.C.

Prof. Donald Cowgill, Wichita, Kans.

Nelson Cruikshank, director, Department of Social Security, AFL-CIO, Washington, D.C.

Dr. Helen Diamond (active nationally, in Washington, D.C., field of aging).

Dr. Oscar Ewing, Charlotte, N.C. (former Administrator of Federal Security Agency).

Guy F. Fahi, grand president, National Association of Retired and Veteran Railway Employees, Glendale, Ohio.

Representative John E. Fogarty (Democrat, of Rhode Island), chair-man, Appropriations Subcommittee for the Departments of Labor and Health Education, and Welfare.

Dr. Clinton Golden, lecturer, Harvard University, and retired labor leader.

Fred Hoehler, executive secretary, Mayor's Committee on Aging, Chicago, Ill.

Dr. Jane Hoey, former director, Federal public assistance, New York City.

Dr. Louis Kuplan, president, International Gerontological Societies, Sacramento, Calif.

Dr. Murray Latimer, consultant, pensions and employee benefits, Washington, D.C.

George Leader, former Governor of Pennsylvania.

Dr. John McCollum, University of Chicago.

Arthur McDowell, education and citizenship director, Upholsterers Union, AFL-CIO.

Dr. Mary Mulvey, chairman, Rhode Island and Governor's Committee on Aging, 1951-60, Providence, R.I.

James O'Brien, assistant to the chairman, United Steelworkers, AFL-CIO, Washington, D. C.

Charles O'Dell, director, Department of Older and Retired Workers, United Auto Workers, AFL-CIO, Washington, D.C.

Dr. Arnold Rose, University of Minnesota, chairman, Minnesota Governor's Committee for the White House Conference on Aging.

Julius Rothman, Community Services Department, AFL-CIO, Washington, D.C.

Hon. Margaret Schweinhaut, member, Maryland Legislature and chairman, Maryland Commission on Aging.

Sidney Spector, chief counsel, Senate Subcommittee on Problems of the Aged and Aging, Washington, D.C.

John F. Kennedy, Press Release of Senator John F. Kennedy on Senior Citizens for Kennedy, Washington, DC Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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