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President Donald J. Trump Is Standing Up For Human Rights At The U.N.

June 21, 2018

"The United Nations must reform if it is to be an effective partner in confronting threats to sovereignty, security, and prosperity." – President Donald J. Trump

ENDING THE HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL FARCE: President Donald J. Trump and his Administration have taken a stand for human rights and withdrawn from the United Nations' Human Rights Council (HRC).

  • The Trump Administration has announced the United States' withdrawal, effective immediately.
  • The President's decision comes following a year of tireless commitment to reform at the United Nations.
  • The Administration believes that withdrawal from the HRC will cast a spotlight on the urgent need for structural reform.

FAILING TO FULFILL ITS PURPOSE: The HRC has failed to live up to its purpose, serving as a shield for human rights violators and a megaphone for unfair bias against Israel.

  • Countries with poor human rights records are routinely elected to the HRC, and use it to shield themselves from criticism and impede efforts to address their terrible records.
    • The HRC includes elected members such as Venezuela, Cuba, Burundi, China, and the Democratic Republic of Congo—countries that have been called out for their continual human rights violations and abuses.
  • The Trump Administration has been clear about the Council's persistent, unfair bias against Israel.
    • The HRC has passed more resolutions condemning Israel than it has condemning Syria, Iran, and North Korea combined.

A CALL FOR REFORM: The Trump Administration continues to call on the HRC and the broader United Nations for reform.

  • During his landmark speech before the United Nations General Assembly in September, the President called for reform of both the HRC and the United Nations generally.
  • The Trump Administration will continue its pursuit of HRC reform in New York and Geneva.
    • The United States would like nothing more than to see the HRC become the defender of human rights it was intended to be.
    • The Administration is willing to work with all partners to make reform a reality.
  • Over the past year, this Administration has taken several steps to advance the cause of reform at the United Nations:
    • During last year's General Assembly, the United States co-hosted a reform event with British and Dutch Foreign Ministers attended by more than 40 countries;
    • American senior diplomats have held well over 100 consultations with delegations in New York and Geneva;
    • The Trump Administration circulated a draft reform resolution at the United Nations; and
    • Even simple efficiency proposals aimed at dealing with the Council's budget crisis have failed to win sufficient support.
  • If meaningful reforms are undertaken that address our longstanding concerns with the HRC, the United States would welcome the opportunity to re-engage.

Donald J. Trump, President Donald J. Trump Is Standing Up For Human Rights At The U.N. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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