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Perry Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: Governor Perry's Early State Tour Wins Rave Reviews

June 08, 2015

The Washington Post's "Right Turn Blog: Distinguished Pol Of The Week"

"Former Texas governor Rick Perry had a presidential kickoff any candidate would like to have. He began on Thursday with an upbeat and well-received speech outside of Dallas, where he appeared on stage surrounded by Navy SEALs and military families. … Plainly, he is establishing himself, much as Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) did, as the candidate mostly closely attuned to the needs of vets, an effective way of emphasizing his own military career and his campaign's focus on national security. Moreover, he is showing he can operate effectively in a big speech setting, in TV interviews and in rural Iowa. It was as impressive a start as any candidate has had. For all that we can say, well done, Governor Perry."

Politico: "Rick Perry's Still Got It"

"…but when it comes to glad-handing and working a crowd, Perry still sets the gold standard even if he trails in the polls. When he arrived in Boone, fresh off of a separate motorcycle ride he did for an organization that supports veterans, attendees and cameras swarmed him. The Texan posed for pictures, put his hands on peoples' shoulders and clasped attendees' hands as he worked his way across the field as voters praised him as a 'patriot.' He also got the rare shout-out from Ernst, who was asked how she felt about his organizing another motorcycle event."

The Iowa Republican: "The Day Belonged To Rick Perry"

"Perry's campaign put a lot of time and effort into the former Texas Governor's first day in Iowa as an officially announced 2016 presidential candidate. … Perry's entourage on Saturday was impressive, but so to was his showing at Ernst's event. Perry, the first of the 2016 presidential candidates to speak, set the bar high. The former Texas Governor ran from the barn in the background to the stage and gave an energetic speech that was by far the most optimistic speech of the day."

National Review: "New Hampshire Journal: In The Backyard Today With Rick Perry"

"As a new resident of the state, I found the whole event extraordinary, nearly mythic. Perry walked through the crowd, making an effort to shake the hand of every single guest. He exchanged pleasantries, answered questions, posed for pictures. Of one little girl standing next to him for a photo, he said, 'This one here likes rattlesnakes!' She giggled and looked shy. He greeted the military veterans in the crowd with particular warmth and respect. No guest was vetted; no questions were pre-planned; as far as I could tell, security was minimal. People ate burgers, dogs barked, the pink roses nodded in the heat. After Perry's speech (seamlessly and warmly delivered), one attendee asked Perry to lead the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. He did, and thanked the man for the suggestion. Another guest said, 'I'll ask you the kind of question reporters like to ask Hillary: What's your wife's favorite color?' (Answer: 'The same color as her eyes, blue.') … I don't know yet which candidate I will support in 2016; it's too early for that. But Perry is an impressive man, no doubt about it in this voter's eyes. Leaving the event, I thought, I love this country! Not a bad feeling for a candidate to inspire.

Des Moines Register: "Surrounded By Vets, Perry Touts Governor Experience"

"Wearing a gray baseball cap with the words 'SEAL Team Eight' and dressed in blue jeans and an open-collar black shirt, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was met by a swarm of people Saturday as he approached his campaign booth at Sen. Joni Ernst's fundraiser. 'Nice to see you!' the smiling Republican presidential candidate said to a young man, greeting him like an old friend. Perry, a former Air Force pilot, embraced some military veterans, dressed in black leather motorcycle vests, as though they were brothers. He also posed for photos with dozens of supporters. … REACTION: Perry clearly won some friends, particularly among veterans."

Boston Herald: "Rick Perry Vows He's Comeback Kid In N.H."

"Using a massive American flag as a backdrop, with a lineup of veterans including celebrated Navy SEALs Marcus and Morgan Luttrell, the former Texas governor took the stage at Nashua Community College, pledging to clean up the problem-plagued Veterans Administration and support men and women who serve in the armed forces."

RICOCHET: "Rick Perry's Fighting Spirit"

"Rick Perry's fighting spirit is in strong shape, he says when asked by my wife. We're standing in someone's yard in Meredith, N.H., and Perry is making his way through the crowd of approximately 50 people, shaking hands and speaking directly to each person. The event starts at 1PM, and he's arrived promptly on time. As new residents in the state, my wife and I were somewhat perplexed when we arrived to see that the event was not taking place in some auditorium, or even a parking lot, but on a quiet residential street in, I know I just wrote this at the beginning of the paragraph but, someone's back yard. This type of thing does not happen in New York."

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