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Perry Campaign Press Release - "Debate Score: Perry for the Win"

October 19, 2011

Bryan Preston, conservative blogger for Pajamas Media, reviews Governor Rick Perry's CNN Debate performance and concludes that it's "Perry for the Win"

...Perry also hit Romney directly for "hypocrisy" for having hired illegal aliens. Romney laughed and denied, but the story has been out there since 2007 or thereabouts. Romney lost his cool, for the second time. Perry scored another direct hit, and Mitt turned red again. The ice man melted.

Perry also did well on the question of securing the border: It's about a fence, plus other security measures including technology and boots on the ground. Bachmann got in a jab about the president's illegal alien relatives who keep popping up in the news, before moving on to declare that she would build a fence along the entire border. There is actually less policy daylight between most of the candidates on the border than the stage arguments suggest, but the arguments drew out some personalities, and it's hard to see Romney benefiting from the exchange.

Tonight's was the most lively debate, and does have the potential to change the race a bit. Perry came to fight and from tax policy to spending to funding the UN, showed that his issue knowledge is broad. Romney wasn't prepared to take hits from so many other candidates. Romney's packed supporters in the audience and other blogs provided some soundtrack to back their man up but I doubt it did much good. Romney's cool broke too many times for his own good. His whining about being talked over, when he isn't shy about interrupting others, was entertaining but revealed a thin skin. Romney probably had his best moment during the religion debate, but that's such tired ground now and Romney has so overreached on that issue that it's unlikely to make any difference.

This was Perry's best night. He took control when he needed to, threw the president's and his competitors' words against them at opportune moments, and showed a strong and knowledgeable presence going toe to toe with Romney...

Read a full recap of the debate here. For Bryan Preston's full analysis, visit PajamasMedia.com.

Rick Perry, Perry Campaign Press Release - "Debate Score: Perry for the Win" Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/297851

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