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Passover Greeting from Senator Barack Obama

April 17, 2008

This week, Jewish families across America and around the world are preparing for Passover. And on Saturday night, Jews will gather around the Seder table and retell the ancient story of a journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Land of Israel.

The Seder, with all its rich traditions, has much to teach us all. Its emphasis on teaching children, and letting them demonstrate their knowledge through the traditional asking of questions, embodies the great Jewish traditions of family and education. Most of all, the Haggadah tells us an ancient story to both recall history, and to teach us lessons about the moral imperatives that we must aim to live by today; it demonstrates the power of maintaining faith and determination, and reminds us that we must constantly work on behalf of freedom in the face of injustice.

American Jews have always played a vital role in our national conversation. As we approach this Passover holiday, let us continue to engage in dialogue, and to ask ourselves and each other how the Passover story challenges us to question the world as it is, and to seek a future that is more just and more peaceful for all.

Michelle, Malia, and Sasha join me in sending warm wishes for a joyous and meaningful Passover.

Barack Obama, Passover Greeting from Senator Barack Obama Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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