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Order of the Procession

April 06, 1841


Washington, April 6, 1841.

The Major-General Commanding the Army of the United States and the major-general commanding the militia of the District of Columbia, having been charged by the executive officers of the Government with the military arrangements for the funeral honors to be paid to the patriot and illustrious citizen, William Henry Harrison, late President of the United States, direct the following order of arrangement:



(In column of march. )


Battalion of Baltimore volunteers.

Company of Annapolis volunteers.

Battalion of Washington volunteers.


United States Marine Corps.

Corps of commissioned officers of the Baltimore volunteers, headed by a major-general.


Squadron of Georgetown Light Dragoons.


Troop of United States light artillery.

Dismounted officers of volunteers, Marine Corps, Navy, and Army in the

order named.

Mounted officers of volunteers, Marine Corps, Navy, and Army in the

order named.

Major-General Walter Jones, commanding the militia.


Major-General Macomb, Commanding the Army.



United States marshal for the District of Columbia and clerk of the Supreme Court.

The mayors of Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria.

Clergy of the District of Columbia and elsewhere.

Physicians to the President.

Funeral car with the corpse.

Pallbearers .--R. Cutts, esq., for Maine; Hon. J. B. Moore, for New Hampshire; Hon. C. Cushing, Massachusetts; M. St. C. Clarke, esq., Rhode Island; W. B. Lloyd, esq., Connecticut; Hon. Hiland Hall, Vermont; General John Granger, New York; Hon. G. C. Washington, New Jersey; M. Willing, esq., Pennsylvania; Hon. A. Naudain, Delaware; David Hoffman, esq., Maryland; Major Camp, Virginia; Hon. E. D. White, North Carolina; John Carter, esq., South Carolina; General D. L. Clinch, Georgia; Th. Crittenden, esq., Kentucky; Colonel Rogers, Tennessee; Mr. Graham, Ohio; M. Durald, esq., Louisiana; General Robert Hanna, Indiana; Anderson Miller, esq., Mississippi; D.G. Garnsey, esq., Illinois; Dr. Perfine, Alabama; Major Russell, Missouri; A. W. Lyon, esq., Arkansas; General Howard, Michigan; Hon. J. D. Dory, Wisconsin; Hon C. Downing, Florida; Hon. W. B. Carter, Iowa; R. Smith, esq., District of Columbia.

Family and relatives of the late President.

The President of the United States and heads of Departments.

Ex-President Adams.

The Chief Justice and associate justices of the Supreme Court and district judges

of the United States.

The President of the Senate pro tempore and Secretary.

Senators and officers of the Senate.

Foreign ministers and suites.

United States and Mexican commissioners for the adjustment of claims under the

convention with Mexico.

Members of the House of Representatives, and officers.

Governors of States and Territories and members of State legislatures.

Judges of the circuit and criminal courts of the District of Columbia, with the

members of the bar and officers of the courts.

The judges of the several States.

The Comptrollers of the Treasury, Auditors, Treasurer, Register, Solicitor, and

Commissioners of Land Office, Pensions, Indian Affairs, Patents, and Public Buildings.

The clerks, etc., of the several Departments, preceded by their respective chief

clerks, and all other civil officers of the Government.

Officers of the Revolution.

Officers and soldiers of the late war who served under the command of the

late President.

Corporate authorities of Washington.

Corporate authorities of Georgetown.

Corporate authorities of Alexandria.

Such societies and fraternities as may wish to join the procession, to report to the

marshal of the District, who will assign them their respective positions.

Citizens and strangers.

The troops designated to form the escort will assemble in the avenue north of the President's house, and form line precisely at 11 o'clock a.m. on Wednesday, the 7th instant, with its right (Captain Ringgold's troop of light artillery) resting opposite the western gate.

The procession will move precisely at 12 o'clock m., when minute guns will be fired by detachments of artillery stationed near St. John's church and the City Hall, and by the Columbian Artillery at the Capitol. At the same hour the bells of the several churches in Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria will be tolled.

At sunrise to-morrow, the 7th instant, a Federal salute will be fired from the military stations in the vicinity of Washington, minute guns between the hours of 12 and 3, and a national salute at the setting of the sun.

The usual badge of mourning will be worn on the left arm and on the hilt of the sword.

The Adjutant-General of the Army is charged with the military arrangements of the day, aided by the Assistant Adjutants-General on duty at the Headquarters of the Army.

The United States marshal of the District has the direction of the civic procession, assisted by the mayors of the cities of the District and the clerk of the Supreme Court of the United States.

By order:


Adjutant-General United States Army.

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