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Op-Ed by Nikki Haley: Five Questions Blinken Should Ask When He's in China

June 16, 2023

By: Nikki Haley
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The story of the Biden administration's approach to China has been weakness. The president has utterly failed in his dealings with China — militarily, economically and diplomatically. President Biden's treasury secretary, Janet L. Yellen, recently called for deepening our economic ties with China. That's insane.

China thinks the Blinken visit will be more of the same. It would be far better to show American strength and resolve. These are the questions that Antony Blinken should ask — and that Biden should've asked from the start.

1. Why is China preparing for war?

China's military buildup is breathtaking. It's building hypersonic weapons, nuclear missiles, cutting-edge warships and a host of other advanced technologies. Xi Jinping is dead-serious about winning a war. America should be just as serious and modernize our military. It's the only way to keep the peace.

2. Why is China abusing our economy?

The Chinese Communist Party exploits American companies to strengthen its own military — in ways that range from harvesting data to stealing sensitive technologies. This has to stop. Protecting our economy is a matter of ensuring our national security.

3. Why is China infiltrating America?

China has propaganda centers at our universities, police stations in our cities and farms near our military bases. Chinese companies are making the chemicals that wind up in fentanyl pills, killing Americans. It's time to protect our people from such dangerous intrusion.

4. Why is China infiltrating the Western Hemisphere?

It's not just the spy base in Cuba. Beijing is trying to turn almost every country in the Western Hemisphere against us, often using economic bribery. We need to get Chinese influence out of our backyard.

5. Why shouldn't the United States double down on supporting Taiwan?

Xi wants to destroy the island democracy. That would damage our economy and jeopardize our security. China should know that we'll help Taiwan protect itself because it's in our interest. For that matter, we need to tell China that we'll continue to help Ukraine beat Russia, in a preview of what will happen with Taiwan.

China doesn't want us to ask these questions. But it's time to hold our enemy accountable. Every day we don't puts America in greater danger.

Nikki Haley, Op-Ed by Nikki Haley: Five Questions Blinken Should Ask When He's in China Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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