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O'Malley Campaign Press Release - It's Miserable

September 30, 2015

I'm sitting here with Bob—our Finance Chief of Staff—in the call-time room at headquarters, and we're debating if it's too late to call people to get more contributions in the door. So we thought the next best thing would be to email you just one more time.

Look, I hate that campaigns rely so heavily on money. I really do. (Bob is shaking his head ...) And end-of-quarter fundraising deadlines are my least favorite days of the year because instead of talking to voters about the issues, I'm asking them to write a check.

For me, it's miserable. I know it's miserable for you, too.

Here's what my campaign is really about—and here's what I enjoy talking about: bringing our country new leadership, providing every American the opportunity to go to college debt-free, bringing 11 million of our neighbors out of a shadow economy by passing comprehensive immigration reform, passing gun safety legislation, implementing real criminal justice reforms.

I want to talk about our struggling climate, and how if we don't make a decision and make a change right now we might be screwing up the only home we have for our children or our grandchildren.

I want to talk about you: about how I can help you pay the bills, help send your kids to college, and help you retire with security.

Tonight though, we have to talk about money (Bob is nodding now...). I need your help to realize this vision for this country and I need it by midnight.

Can I count on you to contribute before Midnight EST, Ben? (and I'll promise to stop asking you for money for a while...and I won't tell Bob.)

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Thank you, as always, for your support –

Martin O'Malley

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