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Obama Campaign Press Release - Obama Offers Straight Talk, Honest Answers to 1,700 New Hampshire Voters

October 26, 2007

Granite Staters respond to clear, direct approach and message of bringing people together for real change

Manchester, NH -- Senator Barack Obama visited New Hampshire this week for the eighteenth time, spending three days in the Granite State. Obama talked to more than 1,700 New Hampshire voters, continuing to answer their questions with straight-forward, honest answers and demonstrate the strong, principled leadership that we need to bring about real change.

Obama also signed up nearly 2,000 new volunteers in neighboring Massachusetts after winning Governor Deval Patrick's endorsement as the best candidate to stand up to the conventional thinking in Washington.

Sheila Muse of Nashua sat down with Obama to discuss his middle class tax fairness plan at a roundtable in Nashua on Monday. "Plenty of politicians say they want to know what regular people care about, but Obama actually sat down and had a real discussion with us," she said. "He answered every question with a clear answer and I felt like he really understood what average Americans care about. He seemed really honorable and ethical. He would be good for our country."

Heading from Nashua to Concord, Obama filed to officially appear on the New Hampshire ballot. He signed the Notice to Voters, "It's time for a real change," before joining more than 1,000 voters on the State House lawn to talk about the kind of unifying leadership he offers. After the rally, Peterborough resident Virginia Brown said "It feels so great to finally be voting for someone, and not simply against someone."

Tuesday, Obama continued his discussion with voters in a smaller setting. At a traditional New Hampshire house party in Merrimack, resident Marc Courchesne said, "He's just so honest and accessible. Obama answers questions very directly, it really sets him apart from the other candidates in the race."

Obama wrapped up his visit on Wednesday, returning from a Senate vote earlier that morning to speak with Dover residents about his vision for real change. At a Meet the Candidate event at the McConnell Center, Kyle McAdam of Farmington noted, "He's very honest and direct. That's the biggest difference between Obama and the other candidates."

Barack Obama, Obama Campaign Press Release - Obama Offers Straight Talk, Honest Answers to 1,700 New Hampshire Voters Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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