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Obama Campaign Press Release - Obama Files to Appear on New Hampshire Ballot

October 22, 2007

Obama makes candidacy official, tells voters he is running to bring about real change

Manchester, NH -- Senator Barack Obama officially filed to appear on the ballot in the first-in-the-nation primary today, writing on the traditional Notice to Voters "It is time for real change." Immediately afterward, Obama was received by a crowd of 1,000 on the State House lawn, where he stressed that real change is going to take strong, principled leadership and the ability to bring people together.

Obama will continue to show that kind of leadership at events in New Hampshire over the next three days, offering clear, direct answers on the issues that matter to voters. The advisory for Tuesday and Wednesday's events can be found HERE.

"On every single problem we face, we've been talking about it for decades...If we are going to change our policy, we've got to change our politics," Obama told the crowd. "I believe that what's needed in the next president is somebody who can bring the country together and overcome those divisions to actually get something done. And I've done that all my career..."

Obama also elaborated on some other qualities it will take to change our politics and move the country in a new direction:

"I think the next president can't just be driven by polls. The next president has to lead. They have to be willing to stand up even when it's difficult to stand up... somebody who's not just telling the American people what they want to hear but telling the American people what they need to hear, telling the American people the truth. And I know that's something I've got experience doing..."

"And we need a president that can bring a new face to American diplomacy. Who's willing to talk not just to our friends but our enemies, who's willing to engage the world and say, 'America's back.' We are ready to lead. Not just militarily but with our example and with our deeds. I want to go before the world and say, 'We are going to be the America that has made us that bright and shining light all around the world.'"

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