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Obama Campaign Press Release - Obama Campaign Airs New TV Ads in Texas

March 01, 2008

Austin, TX - The Obama Campaign is up with four new television ads airing across Texas in the final days leading up to March 4th.

Safe features retired Air Force General Tony McPeak discussing Senator Obama's judgment to oppose the war in Iraq before it began and before it was popular to do so - the same judgment that makes him the best choice to keep America safe as Commander in Chief. General McPeak served 37 years in the Air Force and retired as Air Force Chief of Staff in 1994. McPeak is a national campaign co-chair and foreign policy advisor who brings 37 years of service, including over 6,000 hours as a command pilot, to the Obama Campaign.

Return highlights Senator Obama's record of standing up for America's troops and veterans and his commitment to keeping our country safe by maintaining the finest military in the world and ensuring our veterans get the care and benefits they have earned.

In Direction, Senator Obama lays out his vision to take the country in a new direction by standing up to special interests, being straightforward with the American people, ending the war in Iraq, and reclaiming the American dream for working families.

In Second, Senator Obama discusses his commitment to uniting our country and overcoming the bitter political divisiveness of the past to bring change we can believe in to Washington.

Scripts for the new ads are below:

Safe - General Tony McPeak: As a combat pilot, and head of the Air Force during Desert Storm, lives depended on the judgments I made.

And judgment is what we need from our next commander-in-chief.

Barack Obama opposed this war in Iraq from the start, showing insight and courage others did not. And he's our best hope to restore our security and our standing in today's world.

The old Washington hands have let us down. We need a new leader to lift America.

Return - Barack Obama: As your commander-in-chief, my job will be to keep you safe.

Part of keeping you safe is maintaining the finest military in the

world... And it means caring for our troops when they come home.

Announcer: On the Veterans Affairs Committee, Barack Obama passed measures to improve care for wounded warriors; give shelter to homeless veterans; and expand mental health services for returning heroes.

BO: We have a solemn obligation to honor those who have served on our behalf.

Direction - Barack Obama (direct to camera): For years, we've watched politicians divide us, seen lobbyists put their interests ahead of ours and heard our leaders tell us what we want to hear, instead of what we need to hear.

I'm Barack Obama. We need a new direction to end the war, take on special interests that block reform, close tax loopholes that give them a break instead of you.

On Tuesday, help change Washington. Let's bring Democrats, Republicans and Independents together, not just to win an election, but to transform a nation - and that's why I approve this message.

Second - Barack Obama (at rally): America is listening, and not just Democrats, but Republicans and Independents who want to believe again.

I don't want to spend the next year or the next four years re-fighting the same fights that we had in the 1990's.

I don't want to pit red America against blue America... I want to be the President of the United States of America.

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