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Obama Campaign Press Release - A Message from David Plouffe

March 21, 2007

From the beginning, we've urged you to think of this as your campaign; to contribute your ideas, energy and creativity to the mission of ending a war, challenging our broken politics and changing our course.

We know the energy for such change will only come from the grassroots -- from you -- not from Washington.

You're response has been amazing. Hundreds of thousands of Americans, young and old, signing up, organizing, everyday growing this movement for a new politics and a new course for our country.

I've been particularly inspired by the countless creative homemade videos that have cropped on our site and others, capturing the essence of Barack, the campaign and your hopes for the future.

We welcome and encourage these works, which can help carry our message farther and wider, giving people a deeper sense of what this is all about.

And what this is about -- in part -- is a new politics of hope, not fear; a politics that stresses our stake in each other, rather than one that divides and inflames.

At the end of the day, each of you will decide how best to express yourselves in the town square of the Internet, which is helping to rekindle America's civic life.

As you do, I urge you to continue to keep it positive -- on what we can achieve together to change our politics and steer it away from the destructive tactics that have dominated Washington and our elections for too long.

Thanks for all your great efforts.

David Plouffe

Campaign Manager

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