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Obama Campaign Press Release - Iowa Governor Chet Culver Endorses Barack Obama

February 08, 2008

Omaha, NE - At a "Stand for Change" rally in Omaha today, Iowa Governor Chet Culver endorsed Barack Obama for President today, citing his ability to work with Democrats and Republicans to get things done and his lifelong record of standing up to special interests on behalf of working families.

"It's clear the American people are hungry for change, and they're looking for a leader who can push back on the special interests," said Governor Culver. "It's time for a new, fresh approach to governing in Washington, and Sen. Barack Obama represents this new approach."

"Senator Obama has been fighting for ordinary Americans ever since he was a community organizer more than two decades ago. He has the unique combination of real life experience fighting for ordinary Americans, and the skill to bring Democrats, Republicans, and Independents together to get things done."

"I strongly believe Senator Barack Obama's candidacy will unite the party and his administration will unite the country."

"I'm proud to have Governor Culver's support," said Senator Obama. "Governor Culver is part of a new generation of American governors. From fighting for good-paying jobs to standing up for trade deals that work for American workers - Governor Culver is a leader all Iowans can count on. And his leadership in bringing about a clean energy future is something all Americans should be grateful for. His endorsement reflects our campaign's commitment to making a difference in the lives of ordinary Americans, and I look forward to fighting by his side in that cause."

Chet Culver was elected Governor of Iowa in 2006 after serving as Secretary of State and in the Attorney General's office. Culver has been an advocate for consumers, working families and the environment throughout his career. Culver helped boost the civic participation of young voters and others in Iowa by creating the Iowa Student Political Awareness Club.

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