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Obama Campaign Press Release - Indiana Congressman Baron Hill Endorses Barack Obama for President

April 30, 2008

Indianapolis, IN - Indiana Congressman Baron Hill endorsed Barack Obama for President today, citing his strength of character and ability to change the tone of Washington:

"Some have advised me to be cautious, to wait and see which way the electoral winds may blow. I confess that I have listened to those voices and been tempted by their reasoning. But, the stakes are just too high. We cannot continue to pursue the same politics of personal destruction we have engaged in for a generation, some never-ending "groundhog day" endlessly playing out the cultural wars of forty years ago.

If we are going to develop real solutions for Hoosier families, for America's families, we have to move past the partisan gridlock. I believe both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama want to do that and I believe both are formidable candidates. But, I also believe that only one of them truly can.

I am proud of Senator Obama's call for change in Washington - change I have been advocating since I first sought public office. I am truly hopeful that his campaign and election will help unify our nation and ultimately change our politics. I am pleased that Senator Obama clearly and unequivocally denounced Reverend Wright's remarks. Hoosiers don't feel that way about our country, I don't feel that way about our country and Senator Obama made it abundantly clear that he doesn't feel that way either.

His comments regarding statements made by Reverend Wright showed me another aspect of Senator Obama's leadership - a strength of character and commitment to our nation that transcends the personal. One of the tests of a true leader is his ability and willingness to come to a new conclusion based on new events. Senator Obama did just that yesterday.

I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with both Senators Clinton and Obama. Choosing between two worthy candidates was very difficult, but in the end, after much discussion with people in Southern Indiana, as well as mentors of mine such as Lee Hamilton, I have decided to support Senator Obama.

I believe Senator Obama has the capability to change the tone and tenor of politics in Washington. I believe that he can and will work with both parties and elevate the level of public discourse. Hoosiers are independent people who want to see civility and common-sense solutions implemented in Washington. Like us, Senator Obama strives to put the good of the country before the good of a particular political party. "

As someone who has always worked in a bipartisan manner to achieve results, I know that we need a president who can bring people together and build consensus to move this country in a new and exciting direction. And that person is Senator Barack Obama."

Said Obama: "I am grateful to have the support of Congressman Baron Hill. He has been a tireless advocate for southern Indiana, working to improve our children's education, strengthen our military, and create jobs and achieve energy independence. I look forward to working with him to fix our economy, lift up hardworking families, and make America more secure -- and to shooting hoops every once in a while."

Congressman Baron Hill, a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, represents Indiana's 9th district and is a member of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.

Hill is Senator Obama's 246th Superdelegate endorsement. Senator Obama is now 286 delegates away from winning the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

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