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Obama Campaign Press Release - Barack Obama Unveils 'Real Leadership for Rural Nevada' Plan

November 06, 2007

Las Vegas, NV -- Senator Barack Obama unveiled his "Real Leadership for Rural Nevada" plan today on a conference call with reporters. The plan was crafted with the input of Nevadans from across the state who Obama and his campaign have spoken with over the course of the last several months.

"For far too long, politicians entrenched in Washington have listened to special interests while shutting out rural Americans. The result is policies that work for corporate interests, but against rural communities," said Obama.

Obama is calling for new initiatives to support rural economic development, improve the quality of life for rural communities and promote America's leadership in the development of renewable energy.

"We need to seize opportunities in rural America to secure our energy future and save our planet. The research and development that has already taken place in Nevada will be critical to advancing this initiative and tapping resources in rural communities," Obama said.

During his conference call with Nevada reporters, Obama specifically discussed his policies to strengthen the mining industry, improve rural health care including veterans' health care, combat the methamphetamine crisis and support Nevada's family ranchers.

"We need to give a hand to the next generation of ranchers, so they get the skills and incentives they need to help them afford their first ranch, and we need to stop tilting the scales against family ranchers," said Obama. "I support a packer ban and strict enforcement of antimonopoly laws, because when meatpackers own livestock, they can drive down prices and manipulate markets."

The plan can be viewed in full here.

Barack Obama, Obama Campaign Press Release - Barack Obama Unveils 'Real Leadership for Rural Nevada' Plan Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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