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Obama Campaign Press Release - Austin Mayor Will Wynn Endorses Barack Obama

February 15, 2008

Wynn: Obama will stand up to special interests

Austin, TX - Austin Mayor Will Wynn endorsed Senator Barack Obama for president, Obama's Texas campaign announced today. Specifically, Wynn cited Obama's commitment to uniting Americans behind an energy policy that protects our environment and ensures our long-term national security.

"For too long, we've allowed old divisions to hold us back," Wynn said. "Recently I've had conversations about energy policy with presidential candidates from both parties, and I believe Senator Obama is the only person who can move us forward on this critical issue.

"Barack Obama gets it. He offers a commitment to confront our energy challenges in ways that will unite our country, help our economy flourish and protect our planet and national security for the next generation and beyond."

Wynn has chaired the Energy Committee of the U.S. Conference of Mayors since 2004, and was instrumental in passing energy-efficiency grant legislation as part of the 2007 Energy

Independence and Security Act. If fully appropriated, Austin would gain more than $20 million to help fund local efficiency efforts.

"Mayor Wynn has emerged as a national leader on energy policy and I'm honored to have his support," Obama said. "I don't believe that energy policy is something to bring up only when it's convenient during a campaign. It's one of the greatest moral challenges of our generation. Our future national security depends on achieving energy independence and it's an issue that will be front and center when I am president."

Wynn's endorsement comes one week before Austin plays host to a Democratic Presidential debate at the University of Texas-Austin.

In the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, Obama has won eight primaries and caucuses in a row, and has earned the most votes, the most delegates, and built the most diverse coalition of Americans we've seen in a long time.

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