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Nonnuclear Programs of the Energy Research and Development Administration Statement on Signing S. 36 Into Law.

June 03, 1977

I am pleased to sign S. 36, a bill which will authorize $1.639 billion for the Energy Research and Development Administration's nonnuclear programs in fiscal year 1977.

There are, however, two programs authorized in S. 36 which cause me some concern.

The National Energy Plan stated my belief that we should avoid Federal subsidy of existing energy technologies. I believe that our energy research and development dollars should be spent on technologies which are not yet demonstrated rather than on projects or technologies which have been shown to be successful at a commercial or near commercial scale. In the important area of using municipal waste to generate power or fuel, we have already had five federally assisted demonstration projects. Several other facilities of this type have been brought on line without any Federal support. I seriously question the need for price supports for these types of facilities since a significant body of experience .and demonstrated technology is already available.

My second concern is with the timing and scope of the Energy Extension Service program. While I applaud the Congress for its prodding in developing the energy extension service concept and see considerable merit in such a program, I am concerned that we not move into a full-scale, nationwide program before we have had a chance to evaluate and learn from the pilot program which is now underway.

We are receiving preliminary results from the four pilot projects now in operation and are learning that some types of programs work better than others. Before we ask the States to use their scarce staff and fiscal resources to develop plans for these programs, I feel we should be sure that the requirements for these plans are as well designed as possible. My energy adviser will be working with the Congress and the relevant committees to try to revise the timetable for full-scale implementation of the extension service concept in order that the program we develop is one which is most responsive to our State and local as well as national energy needs.

Note: As enacted, S. 36 is Public Law 95-39, approved June 3.

Jimmy Carter, Nonnuclear Programs of the Energy Research and Development Administration Statement on Signing S. 36 Into Law. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/243431

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