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Nominations Submitted to the Senate

June 27, 1980

The following list does not include promotions of members of the Uniformed Services, nominations to the Service Academies, or nominations of Foreign Service officers.

Submitted June 23, 1980

WALTER C. CARRINGTON, of New York, to be Ambassador Extraordinary of the United States of America to the Republic of Senegal.

The following-named persons to be members of the Board of Directors of the Legal Services Corporation for terms expiring July 13, 1983:

STEVEN L. ENGELBERG, of Maryland (reappointment).

CECILIA DENOGEAN ESQUER, of Arizona (reappointment).

HILLARY DIANE RODHAM, of Arkansas (reappointment).

RICHARD ALLAN TRUDELL, of California (reappointment).

JOSEPHINE MARIE WORTHY, of Massachusetts (reappointment). The following-named persons to be members of the National Science Board, National Science Foundation, for terms expiring May 10, 1986:

MARY LOWE GOOD, of Louisiana, vice L. Donald Shields, term expired.

PETER T. FLAWN, of Texas, vice Grover E. Murray, term expired.

PETER DAVID LAX, of New York, vice Saunders Mac Lane, term expired.

HOMER A. NEAL, of Indiana, vice Norman Hackerman, term expired.

MARY JANE OSBORN, of Connecticut, vice William Neill Hubbard, Jr., term expired.

DONALD B. RICE, of California (reappointment).

STUART A. RICE, of Illinois, vice James H. Zumberge, term expired.

Submitted June 26, 1980

THOMAS R. DONAHUE, of the District of Columbia, to be a member of the board of directors of the Communications Satellite Corporation until the date of the annual meeting of the Corporation in 1981, vice George Meany.

Submitted June 27, 1980

JOHN DAVID HUGHES, of Texas, to be a member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the term expiring October 20, 1983, vice Don Sanders Smith, resigned.

Jimmy Carter, Nominations Submitted to the Senate Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/251428

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