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Minneapolis, Minnesota Remarks at a Fundraising Reception for Governor Rudy Perpich.

October 21, 1978

How many of you are supporting Rudy Perpich for Governor? You supporting him? [Laughter and applause]

Okay. I want to ask you another question. How many of you have contributed all that you can afford— [laughter] —to his campaign, or the maximum amount? Well, I think it would be very nice for me if all of you would raise your hands- [laughter] —and be telling the truth. How many of you have called 50 people and asked them to vote for Rudy Perpich? [Laughter] Be truthful. Okay, I can tell you it is not any problem at all for you to call 150 people a day. If you would just give 1 day as an investment in good government in Minnesota, it would pay rich dividends. There is no reason why every one of you can't be a focal point for a campaign organization for Rudy Perpich to be reelected Governor.

He's done a good job. All of you recognize that. He's brought tough, competent, down-to-earth, kind of people-to-people government, which is a continuation of the tremendous standard that has been set in the past by Wendy Anderson, by Hubert Humphrey, by Fritz Mondale, [Lieutenant] Governor Olson, and others. And I think it's very important to you in this difficult Democratic year in Minnesota, when two U.S. Senators, the Governor, all eight Congressmen are at stake, to invest some extra time in their reelection.

And it's not enough for you to come here tonight and give a substantial or a modest contribution. I don't think there's anyone here who can't call 2 or 300 people who know you, who trust you, who would listen to your voice, and say, "Vote for Rudy Perpich on November 7."

Obviously, that includes the entire DFL slate. But I'm particularly here to encourage you to help him. It's important to me that you do this; it's important to your country. He has been successful in bringing a combination of concern and compassion and good government, reduce taxes, a realization on the part of the Minnesota people that the State government is in firm hands. And as you know, he's the kind of person that's absolutely trustworthy to represent your interests in the State.

So, I'm asking you, as President of the United States— [laughter] —to work for him, okay? [Applause] Good deal.

Let me say one other thing. I'm not going to make a speech, because I'm going to make one later on, and perhaps some of you will come in and listen to me then. But I would like to shake hands with as many of you as possible. And the only way I see to do it without causing a tremendous traffic jam is for me to start over here. And if you would kind of get along the chain, all the way back to the back door, I'll reach as far as my hand will reach.

And every time—if you're going to help Rudy Perpich, like I asked you, come shake hands with me. If you are not going to help him, I'll shake hands with you later on when you change your mind, okay? [Laughter]

Thank you very much.

Note: The President spoke at 7:25 p.m. in the Plaza Room at the Minneapolis Auditorium.

Jimmy Carter, Minneapolis, Minnesota Remarks at a Fundraising Reception for Governor Rudy Perpich. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/243464

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