Franklin D. Roosevelt

Message to the President of Mexico on the Mexican Declaration of War

June 02, 1942

I have been informed that the United Mexican States has made formal declaration of war on Germany, Italy, and Japan, thereby taking up a battle position alongside other freedom-loving Nations which have been the subject of criminal aggression by these enemies of human liberties. Mexico, too, became the victim of unprovoked attack, and Mexico has, in characteristically resolute and virile fashion, answered this challenge to its dignity and liberty. Once again the Axis tyrants have woefully erred in their appraisal of the temper of a free Nation.

The people of the United States share with me the honor of welcoming Mexico to that community of Nations united in fighting for the preservation of freedom and democracy. At the same time I extend to you on their behalf their deepest sympathy to the families of your countrymen who have already given their lives for our common cause. By our victory and the use we make of it we shall consecrate the memory of their supreme sacrifice.

I take this opportunity to send you my warm personal regards and my appreciation of your many and valuable contributions to our common cause.

His Excellency
General Manuel Avila Camacho,
President of the United Mexican States,
Mexico, D. F.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Message to the President of Mexico on the Mexican Declaration of War Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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