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Message on the Observance of Hanukkah, 1994

November 21, 1994

Warm greetings to all who are celebrating Hanukkah.

Arriving this year in advance of winter, the Festival of Lights casts a warm glow that can see us through the cold months ahead. Hanukkah fills our hearts with the story of a people's deep and enduring faith. Families around the world tell of a faith that guided the Maccabees to victory and that preserved a day's worth of oil for eight days. By the rich light of the menorah, people everywhere celebrate a faith that has sustained the Jewish people for millennia.

Today, this same powerful belief that light may prevail over darkness continues to illuminate a path toward a brighter future. We have seen Israel join hands with its old adversaries, brought together by the desire to give all children a world finally free from violence. The partnerships taking root in the Middle East have not come easily, and the challenges that remain are great. This year, let the menorah lights shine as a harbinger of a day filled with light—light of a land graced with prosperity, of nations blessed by peace. Let us look forward to a time when the whole world is united in believing that tomorrow can be better if we have the faith to make it so.

Hillary and I extend best wishes to all for a joyous Hanukkah and a wonderful holiday season.


NOTE: This message was released by the Office of the Press Secretary on November 21.

William J. Clinton, Message on the Observance of Hanukkah, 1994 Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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