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Message to the Governor General of Algeria

November 14, 1942

Your Excellency:

The undeniable evidence which has come to me of the design of the Axis powers, exponents of brutality, force, and aggression, to execute their program of domination and occupation of Algeria requires that you and I cooperate in the defense against the common enemy.

I have not been oblivious to the able resistance which you have extended to the application to Algeria of the cruel terms of the Armistice of June, 1940, and your determination to defend the French Empire on which the covetous eyes of Germany and Italy are fastened.

The intention of the Axis to exploit French North Africa and detach it from France for the profit of the Central Powers undoubtedly is obvious to you.

Now that the insatiable Axis desire culminates in an effort to seize French North Africa, I know that you will stoutly resist by every means at your disposal this latest manifestation of German and Italian cupidity and baseness.

Be assured that the powerful American forces, equipped with the deadliest instruments of modern warfare, which I am dispatching will support you to the limit of their great resources to the end that the Axis may be driven from North Africa and the liberation of France and its Empire from despicable tyranny may begin. These American forces are determined like yourself that liberty and the dignity of man shall not perish from the earth. You know that those American forces have only one aim—which they will achieve—the destruction of our common enemies and that includes the liberation of France.

Long live France! Long live the United States of America!

Your friend,

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Message to the Governor General of Algeria Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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