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Message to the Congress Transmitting National Energy Policy Legislative Initiatives

June 28, 2001

To the Congress of the United States:

One of the first actions I took when I became President in January was to create the National Energy Policy Development Group to examine America's energy needs and to develop a policy to put our Nation's energy future on sound footing.

I am hereby transmitting to the Congress proposals contained in the National Energy Policy report that require legislative action. In conjunction with executive actions that my Administration is already undertaking, these legislative initiatives will help address the underlying causes of the energy challenges that Americans face now and in the years to come. Energy has enormous implications for our economy, our environment, and our national security. We cannot let another year go by without addressing these issues together in a comprehensive and balanced package.

These important legislative initiatives, combined with regulatory and administrative actions, comprise a comprehensive and forward-looking plan that utilizes 21st century technology to allow us to promote conservation and diversify our energy supply. These actions will increase the quality of life of Americans by providing reliable energy and protecting the environment.

Our policy will modernize and increase conservation by ensuring that energy is used as efficiently as possible. In addition, the National Energy Policy will modernize and expand our energy infrastructure, creating a new high-tech energy delivery network that increases the reliability of our energy supply. Further, it will diversify our energy supply by encouraging renewable and alternative sources of energy as well as the latest technologies to increase environmentally friendly exploration and production of domestic energy resources.

Importantly, our energy policy improves and accelerates environmental protection. By utilizing the latest in pollution control technologies to cut harmful emissions we can integrate our desire for a cleaner environment and a sufficient supply of energy for the future. We will also strengthen America's energy security. We will do so by reducing our dependence on foreign sources of oil, and by protecting low-income Americans from soaring energy prices and supply shortages through programs like the Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program.

My Administration stands ready to work with the Congress to enact comprehensive energy legislation this year.


The White House, June 28, 2001.

George W. Bush, Message to the Congress Transmitting National Energy Policy Legislative Initiatives Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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