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Message to the Congress Transmitting Annual Report on Marine Resources and Engineering Development.

April 13, 1970

To the Congress of the United States:

The fact that the United States is first in space is well known; it is less well known that we are also first in oceanic science and technology. And while most of our citizens recognize the opportunities which lie before us in space, fewer understand the enormous benefits which can flow from our national marine activities.

During 1969, the National Council on Marine Resources and Engineering Development, chaired by the Vice President, identified a number of policies and programs concerning the sea which, in their judgment, deserve Federal support. I am today transmitting to the Congress the Council's annual report, "Marine Science Affairs--Selecting Priority Programs." The marine science programs which I have approved for Fiscal Year 1971 are based in part on the Council's recommendations.

My budget request for Fiscal Year 1971 provides $533.1 million for marine science and technology activities. These funds would help us to improve the management of our coastal zone, expand Arctic research, develop a program for restoring damaged lakes, expand the collection of data concerning ocean and weather conditions, reduce merchant ship operating costs, and undertake other important projects. The funds would also support U.S. participation in the International Decade of Ocean Exploration, a program which can contribute much to the quality of the marine environment and to the pursuit of world peace.

In November of 1969, this Administration sent to the Congress a comprehensive proposal for protecting and developing the land and water resources of the nation's estuarine and coastal zone. I hope that the Congress will give this program early and careful attention.

The Federal government will continue to provide leadership in the nation's marine science program. But it is also important that private industry, State and local governments, academic, scientific and other institutions increase their own involvement in this important field. The public and private sectors of our society must work closely together if we are to meet the great challenges which are presented to us by the oceans of our planet.


The White House

April 13, 1970

Note: The message is printed in the report entitled "Marine Science Affairs--Selecting Priority Programs" (Government Printing Office, 284 pp. ).

Richard Nixon, Message to the Congress Transmitting Annual Report on Marine Resources and Engineering Development. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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