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Message to the Chamber of Commerce of Curwensville, Pennsylvania.

March 11, 1932

My dear Mr. Dale:

I have your encouraging letter of March 9th. As an indication of my feeling toward a community that shows the stamina which Curwensville has displayed, I have today given copies of it to the press.

Yours faithfully,


[J. Thomas Dale, Secretary, Chamber of Commerce, Curwensville, Pennsylvania]

Note: The message was in response to a letter from the organization, dated March 9, 1932, which follows: Dear Mr. President:

Here is something that we honestly believe warrants personal recognition from you in the form of an acknowledgment to this letter, signed by you personally.

Without giving you details, except attached hereto, our Curwensville National Bank closed its doors on November 28th. It was a civic disaster.

We rallied everybody in the community, and went to work on its re-opening, and received permission from the Comptroller to re-open March 1st, which was done.

This is the first bank in Pennsylvania and one of the very few East of the Mississippi to reopen during this period of hoarding, lack of confidence, etc.

We pulled out thousands of dollars of hoarded money and today instead of a town (3,000 in population), with coal mines, clay mines, brick yard, tanneries, hosiery mill and shirt factory, being "down" has met the situation, reorganized its citizens, put the bank on its feet and is today a new place in which to live and do business.

We do not want to feel that we are trespassing on your valuable time, but we would certainly appreciate a personal acknowledgment complimenting the town on what it has done--showed the way for others to follow.

We appreciate your willingness to do this.
Very truly yours,
J. THOMAS DALE, Secretary

Curwensville Chamber of Commerce

[Hon. Herbert Hoover, President, Washington, D.C.]

Herbert Hoover, Message to the Chamber of Commerce of Curwensville, Pennsylvania. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/208514

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