Franklin D. Roosevelt

Message to President Osmeha on the Liberation of Manila

February 04, 1945

The American people rejoice with me in the liberation of your Capital.

After long years of planning, our hearts have quickened at the magnificent strides toward freedom that have been made in the last months—at Leyte, Mindoro, Lingayen Gulf, and now Manila.

We are proud of the mighty blows struck by General MacArthur, our sailors, soldiers, and airmen; and in their comradeship-in-arms with your loyal and valiant people who in the darkest days have not ceased to fight for their independence. You may be sure that this pride will strengthen our determination to drive the Jap invader from your islands.

We will join you in that effort- with our armed forces, as rapidly and fully as our efforts against our enemies and our responsibilities to other liberated peoples permit. With God's help we will complete the fulfillment of the pledge we renewed when our men returned to Leyte.

Let the Japanese and other enemies of peaceful Nations take warning from these great events in your country; their world of treachery, aggression, and enslavement cannot survive in the struggle against our world of freedom and peace.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Message to President Osmeha on the Liberation of Manila Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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