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Message to President Kayibanda on the Occasion of the Independence of Rwanda.

June 30, 1962

[Released June 30, 1962. Dated June 28, 1962]

Dear Mr. President:

I wish to extend to you, your Government, and the people of the Republic of Rwanda, on the occasion of Rwanda's accession to independence, the congratulations and warm wishes of the people of the United States.

We in the United States have observed with great interest the transition of Rwanda from its status as a UN Trust Territory to sovereign independence. We are confident that the spirit of cooperation which has brought about this wonderful day will condition the Republic of Rwanda's future relationships with all who hold freedom dear.

In extending the congratulations of my country, I speak for a people who cherish individual liberty and independence and who have made great sacrifices so that these principles may endure, and who share with the people of Rwanda a profound respect for the principles of the United Nation's Charter.

I look forward to the establishment of the most cordial relations between our two countries, and all Americans stand ready to work with the people of Rwanda to reach the goals we all share of peace, enlightenment and material .well-being. I am confident that in the future our two countries will be as one in safeguarding the greatest bond between us-our common belief in a free and democratic way of life.



[His Excellency Gregoire Kayibanda, President of the Republic of Rwanda, Kigali]

Note: The message was released in Mexico City.

John F. Kennedy, Message to President Kayibanda on the Occasion of the Independence of Rwanda. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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