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Memorandums About the Combined Federal Campaign.

August 25, 1972

Memorandum for Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies:

I am very pleased to announce that Honorable James D. Hodgson, Secretary of Labor, has agreed to serve as Chairman of the Combined Federal Campaign for the National Capital Area this fall.

This campaign, to begin in the fall, will combine into one single drive the campaigns of the United Givers Fund, the American Red Cross, the National Health Agencies, and the International Service Agencies. In this one drive we will be seeking to do our share to meet the needs of more than 150 local, national, and international health, welfare, and social service agencies.

Because these organizations perform a vital function in our society, they need our support. Each of us wants to do as much as possible to help a neighbor or a friend who has a special need. While alone we can do little, together we can do much.

The Combined Federal Campaign offers us this opportunity to work together to help persons in our community, in our nation and in overseas lands. We can help by making only this one gift-by wholly voluntary payroll deduction if preferred---and by making it only this one time in the year. I am sure that Secretary Hodgson will have your wholehearted support and the support of those who work in your departments and agencies. And I am certain you will commend the good purposes of their campaign and its payroll deduction feature to Federal employees and military personnel in your organization.

I request that you serve personally as Chairman of the combined campaign in your organization and appoint a top assistant as your Vice Chairman. Please advise Secretary Hodgson of the person you designate as your Vice Chairman.


Memorandum All Federal Employees and Military Personnel:

This year, Federal personnel in approximately 500 communities across our nation will have an opportunity to participate in a Combined Federal Campaign, which combines in one annual on-the-job drive the campaigns of the local United Givers Fund, the American Red Cross, the National Health Agencies, and the International Service Agencies.

The spirit of voluntarism, of willingness to reach out to help another, is an important part of the American way of life. This spirit abounds in our people, and Federal employees and military personnel have amply demonstrated this in the past by their support of voluntary causes.

While we cannot each personally provide help to all those who need it, we can combine together and support the voluntary charitable organizations who can provide that help on our behalf. In this way we can best carry out the spirit of voluntarism. While alone we can do little, together we can do much.

Charitable organizations hold out the helping hand of the volunteer in providing services to older people, to youths, to those who are ill, and they help all of us through programs of medical research as well as provide assistance to our friends in overseas lands. These splendid organizations need our support. I am sure they will get our support.

I commend to you, therefore, the Combined Federal Campaign which permits all of us together by our gifts to strengthen the services of the voluntary charitable organizations, gifts made easier by the availability of payroll deductions. Generosity and concern for others have always been the tradition of those who serve in the United States Government. I am proud of the Federal family and feel confident you will continue this great tradition which is the hallmark of the Federal service.

My best wishes go to each of you during this year's Combined Federal Campaign.


Note: Both memorandums, dated August 22, 1972, were made available to the press August 25 at San Clemente, Calif.

Richard Nixon, Memorandums About the Combined Federal Campaign. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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