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Memorandum on the Combined Federal Campaign

August 08, 1983

Memorandum for All Federal Employees and Military Personnel

Each year we have an opportunity to show our concern for those in need through participation in the Combined Federal Campaign. The Campaign combines the annual fund-raising efforts of a number of charitable organizations working in the fields of health and social welfare both in the United States and abroad.

Through voluntary giving, we can provide services and programs for our neighbors and countrymen without making them dependent on government. We can help relieve pain and health problems now and support research to help eliminate them in the future. The Campaign also makes it possible to help the less fortunate in other countries, extending a helping hand to friends around the world.

Federal employees and members of the Armed Services have a proud record of generosity and concern for others. I am confident that record will continue this year. While the amount you give is a personal, voluntary decision, I hope that each of you will join me in supporting the Fall 1983 Combined Federal Campaign.


Ronald Reagan, Memorandum on the Combined Federal Campaign Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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