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Memorandum on Recruitment of Former Peace Corps Volunteers for Career Government Services.

April 10, 1963

Memorandum to the Heads of all Executive Departments and Agencies :

I have today signed an Executive Order designed to encourage returning volunteers who have satisfactorily completed their service under the Peace Corps Act to enter the civilian career services of the Federal Government. Also, I have been pleased to learn that the major agencies employing personnel under the Foreign Service Act already have made arrangements to facilitate the recruitment of returning Peace Corps volunteers into the Foreign Service and Foreign Service Reserve by giving examinations in the field and otherwise expediting 'the examining process and by providing special examination options which will permit testing and evaluation of the ability of applicants to live, act, and learn in a foreign environment.

The Director of the Peace Corps has stated that more than 35 percent of the Peace Corps volunteers now serving overseas have expressed an interest in making their careers in various agencies of the Federal Government. As I have stated before, I am most anxious that the valuable experience and the demonstrated capabilities of the men and women who have volunteered to serve under the trying conditions which confront Peace Corps volunteers should not be lost to the Federal service. I anticipate that each of you will take advantage of the opportunity to obtain the services of these dedicated people by making full use of the procedures prescribed by today's Executive Order and the other arrangements which have been provided for under the Foreign Service Act, and I request that you keep me informed, through the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission, of the results of your efforts in this regard.


Note: The President referred to Executive Order 11103 "Providing for the Appointment of Former Peace Corps Volunteers to the Civilian Career Servo ices" (28 F.R. 3571; 3 CFR, 1963 Supp.).

John F. Kennedy, Memorandum on Recruitment of Former Peace Corps Volunteers for Career Government Services. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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