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Memorandum on Implementation of Safe Schools Legislation

October 22, 1994

Memorandum for the Secretary of Education

Subject: Implementation of the Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994, and the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

Our schools are increasingly plagued by violence and crime that is abhorrent to all lawabiding citizens. It is of paramount importance that this Nation's schools be safe, disciplined, and conducive to learning.

Several laws passed this year will promote our effort to make schools safe for learning. The Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994 provides that within one year, every State receiving Federal aid for elementary and secondary education must have a law requiring school districts to expel from school for at least one year any student who brings a gun to school, subject to certain exceptions. The Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act funds comprehensive violence prevention programs, including those that enhance school security.

To ensure vigorous enforcement, I am directing you to coordinate implementation of these anti-violence measures with appropriate local authorities to the maximum extent possible. Your collaborative efforts should include the States, school districts, law enforcement agencies, and educators. In the case of the Gun-Free Schools Act, enforcement should include termination of Federal assistance if you determine that a State is not in compliance.

You should report to me in writing by December 31 on the specific steps you have taken to implement these statutes.


NOTE: This memorandum was released by the Office of the Press Secretary on October 25.

William J. Clinton, Memorandum on Implementation of Safe Schools Legislation Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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