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Memorandum From the President on the Federal Summer Employment Program for Youth

May 10, 1979

Memorandum for the Heads of Departments and Agencies

Within a few weeks, schools will close for the summer and many of our young people will be seeking summer jobs. To some the money earned from summer employment may affect whether they return to school in. the fall or discontinue their education. For others, summer employment will enable them to help out at home or to gain experience which may assist them in making decisions regarding their future careers.

This year, we are again faced with a high rate of unemployment among our youth. Many of you are already participating in the task force reviewing youth employment and training programs under the Vice President's leadership. As one of several solutions to the problem of unemployment, we as Federal man along with managers within the private sector should increase our efforts to provide productive summer experiences for young men and women.

I am again asking all of you to continue your personal support for the Federal Summer Employment Program for Youth. Federal programs should be a balanced effort to employ those who qualify through successful competition in the Summer Employment Examination as well as through agency merit staffing procedures. Additionally, we must continue to support summer employment for needy youth. To accomplish this objective, I am again setting a general goal to employ one needy youth for every 40 regular employees. We exceeded this goal on a governmentwide basis last summer.

Director Alan K. Campbell and his staff at the Office of Personnel Management will continue to provide leadership to the Government's Summer Employment Program.


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